Jacci and Brian Pflieger


Jacci Belford would be at Christine’s “beach party” too.  So would Michael McCurdy, who was in my sister’s AA group, as was his wife, Linda McCurdy. Snyder places Jacci and Stacey in the Rosamond gallery while Christine was in the ocean for 50 minutes fighting for her life! This party was her First Sober Birthday Party. Family members would be invited. I believe Christine wanted me there. This could be an alibi. I am going to get the IRS report on delinquent taxes.

Above are photos of Brian Pflieger. I know his type. He prides himself on being super aggressive. Cross him, and he will get in your face and give you his look of rage. I bet he played football in Bakersfield. I bet you if he sees this blog, with his children in it, he would rage on about how he wants to kill me.

His wife went to Fresno High with Stacey Pierrot who hired a ghost writer who wrote “Shannon forfeited her virginity at ten.” This was written to increase interest in Rosamond prints that were not selling. There was talk about a movie that would divulge all our family secrets – for money! Did Brian seek to invest in the Rosamond gallery? Surely he would want to be at the “beach party”.

I was shocked to see Rosamond’s lithograph above the fireplace, that appears on Snyder’s lying book, that I compared to Sleeping Beauty. Why did Jacci marry – this brute? Did he have money – an inheritance? There appears to be a photo of my sister on the wall. Was he a fan? Christine formed 7 partnerships. Investing in lithographs has been used as a tax write-off. Brian looks like the kind of guy who hates the IRS – for political reasons. He reminds me of Bill Cornwall and my father.

The idea of going to the Fed lockup is very scary. Jacci and Brian owned the famous Lighthouse Lodge – and failed to pay all their taxes – according to the Pinecone. Put a hat on Brian and a 40’s suit, we got a Film Noir. My best friend played Mick in Sudden Impact. I am going to send this blog to some producers. Maybe it will become a T.V. series.

The reclining Rosamond Woman, is my sister Vicki, now. Christine and Vicki knew – way too much! I highly suspect Vicki asked her son Shamus to contact me as her mind began to go. When did Shamus get power of attorney. Vicki owned important papers. If I come to Bullhead City to see my baby sister, I will come………to heal her!…….Raise her up!

I will play an old Carmel Beach Bum, a Bohemian Seer and Healer that the tourists love, but, the locals hate, because I know all there is to know about…………Real Art!

Jacci and Brian drove the Lodge into the ground and filed Bankruptcy. So did Christine while Jacci was working for her. I informed the special executor, Sydney Morris, Stacey Pierrot and Jacci are good friends.

“Why did you give these two a SECOND CHANCE to Bankrupt the Rosamond estate?”

When I read an account that Sydney and Stacey were taking lunch together after a busy day in my sister’s home, where our ‘Caretaker’ reports how sad it made her feel to see Christine’s plants had all dried up, the writer’s voice inside me, screamed;

“What? You couldn’t water the plants after you finished fucking on Christine’s bed?”

My ex-wife was married to Thomas Pynchon who wrote ‘Inherent Vice’. I got the sequel, based on real people. My artistic license may stretch from here – to Bullhead City, because, Sydney gave Stacey the O.K. to author and sell a movie script so more Rosamond prints would be sold, the proceeds going to my nieces, Drew and Shannon Benton. I bet you Jacci was all for this. How about Brian?

John Presco

Copyright 2018


Play both videos at the same time. Did Brian shoot this ad that looks like the beginning of those 70’s porno movies that had to have a plot. Not any more!

“Eww! I think we are too old and conservative to stay there. It looks like a set for a porn movie with the title ‘Fuck-A-Rama.”

“I bet you they hired a washed-up porno producer to shoot this!”

“No wonder they are going Bankrupt!”

I read an article wherein Brian brags about all his Bakersfield buddies coming to stay at the Lodge – and party down! Were the rooms and booze – on the house? Did they smoke marijuana? Did the old timers smell it as they lie up all night trying to sleep? How many seniors went there to celebrate their anniversaries and honeymoon? How many of them got on their dial-phones and told their network to stay away from the Lodge?

I bet you Jacci still loves Raging Brian, because, he is just like her father?  These types – never grow up! When Vic reached in his top drawer for his gun to shoot my ass, I shouted;

“Grow up!”

You can say I never grew up. I had poor role models.

Oh! One more thing. What if Brian was a Party Bum, and had no money to buy a Lodge and an Inn. This would mean Jacci had The Money? What if, Lillian was correct, and, Stacey Pierrot was an Heiress? And, she had her best friend in high school invest in Carmel businesses? This would explain why Morris&Buck gave Stacey the red carpet treatment. How much of Carmel does Pierrot, own? Teresa Pflieger reviewed the Anton Inn, that was soon closed. Follow the Money Trail.

What if Christine and Garth had Jacci hide their profits – from the IRS? Christine and Garth had a terrible divorce that ended just before she drowned. Whose side was Garth on. Did Jacci and Stacey make Christine an offer to purchase the Rosamond Gallery – before she died? Did Christine invest her hidden money in an Inn and a Lodge, before the party? I was kept away from the meeting in Christine’s home the day after she drowned. Shamus told me Jacci and Stacey were there.

Brian should get an agent and send his photo to producers. He would make a great villain in Cliff-hangers, where he keeps on coming, the poor woman backing up, until she feels the cliff give away under her heal.

Yoo-hoo! Shannon! Are you awake? Three days ago Shannon told me Stacey did not give her an accounting as ordered by Morris. I think my nieces – got fucked!

Teresa Pflieger reviewed The Anton Inn

5 star

November 16, 2013 · 

Arrived at the Anton Inn for our weekend in Carmel and they were out of business…so the adventure begins to find a place for tonight. Any recommendations in the Monterey or Carmel area?

And now, for our feature film ‘Fuck-A-Rama’.

During the late 1970’s, wealthy taxpayers and their accountants started expanding the boundaries of tax-shelter law. Millions in deductions were claimed for the purchase of such exotica as the master plates for lithographs, or the right to reproduce an image on wallpaper and tablecloths.

The Pine Cone's fifth story of the week

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P.G. inn owes nearly quarter-million in TOT

– Bankruptcy may forestall collection


Published: Dec. 31, 2010

THE OWNERS of one of Pacific Grove’s best known inns owe more than $200,000 in back taxes, according to the city, which is in the process of trying to recoup the lost revenue as the inn’s owners make their way through federal bankruptcy court.

According to city officials, the operators of Lighthouse Lodge and Suites, Jacci and Brian Pflieger, owe $231,602 in transient occupancy tax — the 10 percent tax innkeepers in Pacific Grove collect from visitors and are required to pay to the city every quarter, the city’s budget director said.

Once the Pfliegers got behind, Jim Becklenberg told The Pine Cone, staff sent them a series of letters about the past due TOT, per the city’s municipal code that outlines TOT enforcement rules. The couple was later afforded a city hearing.

“Based on the hearing, we were able to determine what they owed the city including tax and penalties and interest,” Becklenberg explained. “Around that same time, once we finalized that, we learned [the Pfliegers] filed for bankruptcy protection, which effectively put our claim on hold.”

According to bankruptcy documents filed Dec. 15, Lighthouse Lodge LLC, employed 35 workers and in the last fiscal year had $3.2 million in gross revenues. It owed about $8.7 million on a to Orix Capital Markets, had $291,000 in “priority” unsecured debt and $5.7 million in other debt, owed to more than 175 suppliers and other vendors. Court records show the property was valued at $18.5 million and the company had $213,000 in cash.

The owners apparently stopped making payments on the mortgage sometime before March 2009, when Orix declared the loan in default. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Stephen Johnson ruled Dec. 28 the inn should be sold to pay off creditors.

Jacci Pflieger, who is listed on the inn’s website as the general manager, couldn’t be reached for comment via phone and email messages. The Pfliegers also own Anton Inn off Lighthouse Avenue.

Becklenberg said he’s confident the city will be able to collect the TOT after the Pfliegers’ bankruptcy proceedings have been finalized.

“Hopefully the city will find out in the next few months when we will be able to collect that debt,” Becklenberg said.

Pacific Grove collects about $2.8 million in TOT every year, which trails behind the $4 million it collects in sales tax and is just shy of the $2.9 million it gets from property tax.

Becklenberg said Pacific Grove inns don’t often fall behind on their TOT.

“The vast majority are current,” he said. “Occasionally we have someone who falls behind a quarter, but they pay with penalties and interest promptly, in most cases.”

Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar said it’s a “sad day in Pacific Grove when a nice property like Lighthouse Lodge fails.” Ammar said visitors to the chamber office on Central regularly ask for directions to the inn.

“The Pfliegers had a huge following, especially from [visitors from] the Central Valley,” Ammar explained. “They ran a good operation but were victims of the prevailing economic conditions.”

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