Attack On My Cats And Light

My ugly, nosy, neighbors, detected this light surrounding me when I took my walk around the block, ordered by my dicotor so I would not die. I have been writing for eight hours, or more. I am not in their world, and they detect this. They hate me because they hate their world. They want to bring me down, and smear my nose in their shitty domain. My cats spot me, and join me for a walk…………IN WILSON’S WORLD!

I must say there is one who goes to Wilsonville and is on my side. She is a Reader taken hostage by a witch.

Rosamond Press


My ugly neighbors have been forming a ‘God Squad’ that was founded by Jason who had his sons preaching to other children trying to convert them. I am sure many of my neighbors heard about my resistance to the God Squad who saw me taking walks with my cats. I say MY cats because you did not see them walking with others who live here. Everyone was amazed! They compared me to Jesus, and, that made them irate because I gave them no sign I was one of them, and thus a follower of Jesus. They felt threatened, because they saw a light around me. Why wasn’t I sharing it with them? They could feel my light had healing energy. Why wasn’t I healing them? I was healing them. They being in my presence – is healing! Ugly and obese Kim Haffner needed to be healed. I was healing…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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