Learning My Daughter Had A Miscarriage

Five months ago, I learned my brother had a stroke, and my sister is in a state of mind that my niece Shannon Rosamond, titled “purgatory” . In my letters to Sydney Morris, I begged him not to sell my families ‘Recovery Legacy’ to outsiders, for we will need it for generations to come, being alcoholism, and mental illness are inherited via our DNA. When I first met my sixteen year old daughter, I told her and her mother, the chances that Heather becomes an alcoholic, are high. She has exhibited all the traits. The Hansons never met Christine, who did not know I had a child before she died.

Shannon has been estranged from her half-sister due to court battle Vicki began, when she dropped out as Executor and named Garth Benton, executor. Vicki betrayed our sister’s sacred trust. Here are some of the first words we hear from the Heir, who is an artist;

“You too , I love you and I never meant to hurt you if I said anything about not having you at the house , it was not because i didn’t wAnt You it was because Vicki was telling me how my house and who was staying in it

So not you It was Vicki acting as if she owned the house . Yes it’s gotten worse .. have you gotten in touch with mark . Cause I really feel he needs to know”

Do you believe Christine wrote a rough draft of her autobiography?

“I haven’t in a while he had a strokex2 . And yes I did I got all the paperwork and writings Vicki kept . She also supplied all the bullshit info and photos for that book .. I’ve never read it.

I found the deal and paper work that verified Vicki and Stacey’s contract and purchase of artwork . Violating all sorts of laws and regulation federal. And state . I have it all. . Mind blowing and painful reality to actually see and confirm beliefs.”

I just learned my daughter had a miscarriage. I did not know she was pregnant. This is another assault upon my DNA makeup, another attempt to unborn me. I wasn’t told my father was dead, and, my mother was dying. I was not told I was a father, my daughter put in the arms of a man Heather’s mother – knew was not the father. Then, Heather was disappeared from my life, and my sister and her son were not going to tell me I was going to be a grandfather. Then, the surviving women in the family blessed Tom Snyder’s biography of my dead sister – over mine! Snyder never knew Christine. I was not told Vicki is a vegetable – till months later! My brother disappeared himself, and, Shannon and Drew ae two faint beeps emanating from Death Valley!  What does this add up to?

I gave Heather Hanson – LIFE! This an acceptable fact all over the world, that has been honored for a million years! Why can’t my daughter believe this is true? Before I knew I had a daughter, Patrice Hanson is having a conversation with Stacey Pierrot, and I believe her ghost writer she hired, Tom Snyder. They want to be in my sister’s biography in order to further a sixteen year old child’s ambition to become famous and rich.

Finding me, and my child and I being united, was not in the Master Plot. Patrice as a stage mother is living vicariously through OUR child, so she can be in the limelight, and get some money – too! The only reason Patrice contacted me, was Tom Snyder suggested this. Tom, Stacey, and I were exchanging e-mails about me contributing my memories of Christine. They knew the Hanson’s and I had a miraculous story! They wanted it so they could make money. I told the Hanson’s this was their motive. I assumed they were on my side. This is when they saw dollar signs and began to work our wounds.

Then I got an e-mail from Patrice suggesting I go along with Snyder, help him publish his book, then write my book. This stage mother says she likes to read more than one book on the same topic. Bullshit! She is lying, and Heather knows it. I told them they want their book out first so then can make a movie from it. Will there be two Rosamond movies? will Heather be in the first one. My star=struck daughter see’s that I am THE OPPOSER – her opponent – that stands in her way to Fame and Fortune. The Hanson’s contact Vicki, and she agrees that I am THE OPPONENT. Heather, Patrice, and her aunt Linda, believe if they can just GET WITH THE WOMEN, they would cut her in on the money deals that come with BRAGGING RIGHTS!

I’m going to send this post to Doctor Phil.

@101 (Tom Snyder)
To: John Presco
Sent: March 30, 2001 5:46:49 PM GMT
Subject: Question on RRR

Hi, John –

Visited your website the other day and noticed you have the poem,
“Your Name” posted. I think it’s beautiful.

Lillian had given me a copy some time ago, and I am wondering if you know
where it was published.

Have you met Heather yet?


— — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Tom Snyder: Writer, collector of neat
quotes. Otherwise, mostly all thumbs.

Heather declared my family “dead” eight years ago. She believes all good light force energy flows to her – from her mother! Nothing good comes from me! What does this add up to? Her aunt and mother told my daughter that my spiritual program was bullshit. And no one is buying it.

“Get behind the money people!”

I had just gotten Snyder to agree to not use Christine and my Recovery program and story. He agreed. HE LIED! He lied knowing my daughter was next to me. Christine drowned on her first sober birthday, and now here is my beautiful daughter come into the life of the Brother and Sister in AA. Vicki Presco was livid. She wanted her $60,000 dollars back she invested in Christine’s art. My surviving sister wanted proceeds from the book and movie!

For four months I have been in crisis about Vicki’s condition. At this very second, that crisis ends. I believe it finally sunk in, that she had DESTROYED AN INNOCENT CHILD! She orchestrated the whole evil play, that she brought our father, the pedophile, into! Vicki deserves everything she got! Vicki DESTROYED HERSELF! So did Heather!

In 1987 I chose to stop destroying myself, and got into Recovery. Heather can do the same. How she is going to own just a taste of empathy towards me – is her business – now! She can barely allow herself to own the simple truth, that I am her father and helped GIVE HER LIFE! As to getting into recovery, she might have considered it was a good thing for her I conceived her – before I died of Alcoholism.

If I had another grandchild, that baby would have a quarter of my DNA. This child would be in my family – if I found out! If I didn’t find out, it would only be in the Hanson family tree – a half tree! How can this be good for any unborn child? What is the conflict?

To make it all feel better, Heather consults her spendy psychic. What for? It should be clear to half a psychic, that when you make dead a father, unborn him, there will be affects, if not for the simple reason most people believe honoring the father and the grandfather – is a good thing! Try it! You might like it!

In beginning my book about Jesus tending to children cursed while in their mothers wombs, that will change Biblical history, I began to write about Vicki. Then, I realized the outside parasites would steal my memories, in order to make money!

I told Heather we have a good chance to make money when I tell OUR STORY! She went over to the rival biographer.

So, I lost a grandchild, I am not supposed to know about. And I felt grief. I felt my daughter’s pain and loss  – for a little while! Then I said this to myself;

“You don’t deserve this! You have done nothing wrong. You are not a monster! You deserve a family! You deserve family information. Aha! That’s it. Heather and her mother hate the truth I am writing a biography they are not in control of!

The Art World will read about the wondrous love two creative children had for each other!

The Hanson’s want to kill my book! Heather’s mother and her angel predicted good thinks would happen to HER talented daughter. Of course none of her talent came from me! My DNA is rancid, and all but dead! They wish I was dead so they can conjure up more lies without any concern I will discover them.

Where is the proposal – and the marriage certificates! How about a ring or two!

Heather and Patrice hated the miraculous story of a man who get’s sober at forty years of age, and as a reward, God presents to this fatherless man – his sixteen years old daughter! Heather has an uncle and aunt that are alcoholics. They hated our miracle.

There is a miscarriage of Justice. Daughters are taught how to destroy their fathers so they can own power. These are goddettes, playing power games with their wombs. Life makers! Father killers – for their new man – that won’t marry them! Patrice had three children by three men!

These witches take a man’s sperm, then his children – and suck the energy out of him. Then they move onto their next victim. These succubus love to gather with other women, and gloat to one another about how many children they have, and how they worship the ground they walk on.

The sad truth, is, we never had a natural bond. Heather formed no bond with her real father. She and her mother should have been kind, and sane, and told me this. I am like this lost child who was never born, who never – was. No loving bond, was made. This child, will be forgotten. I will remember this unborn, till the day I die! I will secretly name this lost life.

John Presco

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    My kin, Michael and Dianne Dundon, helped me find a place for Heather and her mother to live. It was a beautiful cabin on the McKizie River. Dianne was on the school board, and said there was a good chance Patrice could get a job at McKinzie High. I told Heather and Patrice I began my Recovery Book ‘Bonds With Angels’ two years before Christine drowned, in hope she would get in reovery. My belived sister in AA drowned on her firts sober birthday. I told my told my daughter OUR stary is part of The Family Recovery Story that outsiders who did not suffer like OUR family did, are trying to intercept to make a profit from the abuse of children by two alcoholic parents. Recovery Books are never written by hired ghost writers who did not know, an suffer like we did. Heather and her Mother were only interes in BEING FAMOUS! Christine did not take up art to be famous. She took up art to save our bond. I was growing distant. She knew I loved art, and would love her like I used to, if she was an artist. I just gave away the core of OUR STORY that I have withheld for all these lest THE PARASITES get to it!

    You can read Shannon Rosamond thanking me for championing her and Drew. I could have cashed in on their grief twenty-five years ago. But, I can not think of a more DISHONEST thing to do. Now, that Vicki is gone, Drew and Shannon are in deep trouble. I will publish in order to leave them the means to keep on living.

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