Learning My Daughter Had A Miscarriage

My kin, Michael and Dianne Dundon, helped me find a place for Heather and her mother to live. It was a beautiful cabin on the McKizie River. Dianne was on the school board, and said there was a good chance Patrice could get a job at McKinzie High. I told Heather and Patrice I began my Recovery Book ‘Bonds With Angels’ two years before Christine drowned, in hope she would get in recovery. My beloved sister in AA drowned on her first sober birthday. I sent the phots of the cabin tp my daughter, and they came back. They had moved and left no forwarding address. All the phones were disconnected. My daughter was heading to Vicki Presco’s house to see if she could make MY daughter famous.

I am struggling to find forgiveness for my sister who is experiencing a medical emergency every day for the last nine months. She has been rendered all but brain dead. Shannon is begging me to come there. But, the truth she kept it a secret where my daughter was, makes me consider the idea – she got what she deserves! Vicki stole my child in order to empower the book and movie script Stacey Pierrot was promoting, following the instructions of Executor Sydney Morris! Outrageous! They made me feel I DESERVED WHAT I GOT! Look at me, down on my knees, offering my daughter and mother a home in paradise.

I told my told my daughter OUR stary is part of The Family Recovery Story that outsiders who did not suffer like OUR family did, are trying to intercept to make a profit from the abuse of children by two alcoholic parents. Recovery Books are never written by hired ghost writers who did not know us, and suffer like we did. Heather and her Mother were only interested in BEING FAMOUS! Christine did not take up art to be famous. She took up art to save our bond. I was growing distant. She knew I loved art, and would love her like I used to – if she was an artist. She felt lost and abandoned! I just gave away the core of OUR STORY that I have withheld for all these – lest THE PARASITES get to it!

You can read Shannon Rosamond thanking me for championing her and Drew. I could have cashed in on their grief twenty-five years ago. But, I can not think of a more DISHONEST thing to do. But, now that Vicki is gone, Drew and Shannon are in deep trouble. I will publish in order to leave them the means to keep on living. I do not have long to live.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Rosamond Press

Five months ago, I learned my brother had a stroke, and my sister is in a state of mind that my niece Shannon Rosamond, titled “purgatory” . In my letters to Sydney Morris, I begged him not to sell my families ‘Recovery Legacy’ to outsiders, for we will need it for generations to come, being alcoholism, and mental illness are inherited via our DNA. When I first met my sixteen year old daughter, I told her and her mother, the chances that Heather becomes an alcoholic, are high. She has exhibited all the traits. The Hansons never met Christine, who did not know I had a child before she died.

Shannon has been estranged from her half-sister due to court battle Vicki began, when she dropped out as Executor and named Garth Benton, executor. Vicki betrayed our sister’s sacred trust. Here are some of the first words we hear from…

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