GoKay At Granada Park

Michael Dundon and I used to play a game I invented at Granada Park, that apparently has been taken over by a gang. Maybe I will wander over there and introduce them to GoKay. Boredom is setting in. Has summer vacation arrived?

I see national inner city rivalries. This is cheap golf you can play everywhere there is a good field of grass.

Maybe the Kimite Gang would want to patrol over at the park, and straighten everyone’s ass out! Old Man Bellinger is taking a big risk appearing on T.V.

You all need to be locked up!



SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield Police say illegal activity in Granada Park is a long-standing issue.

Nine teens were arrested Monday in the Springfield park.

Springfield Police say Granada Park is a common site for teenagers to conduct illegal activity. Old Man Bellinger is taking a big risk appearing on the news!

One nearby resident describes what sounds he hears throughout the night.

“Yelling, screaming, fighting…threats,” said Bruce Bellinger, who has lived next to the park for three years. “People threatening each other.”

There is a sign at the park stating a few rules: no graffiti, no littering, and a sign that says no drinking alcohol without a permit.

Look further into the park at the nearest bench, and you find cigarette butts on the ground, graffiti all around the bench, and broken glass all around.

Among the broken glass, alcohol labels can still be made out.

Bellinger says teenagers are responsible for the glass, and also for pencils stuck in the grass so that lawnmowers shoot out slivers.

He says things weren’t always this way.

He used to stargaze off his balcony at night

“This was to me paradise, and now I’m thinking about moving,” said Bellinger.

But until then, he says he’s keeping a close relationship with local police.


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