The Zulu Nazarites

I forgot. I do have a Tribe. In 1987, I sent the Shembe-Zulu Nazarite church a long letter telling them I am a member of their church. My tribal evangelical neighbors read this, and decided I needed to be locked up because I am deranged and dangerous.

Claiming your power is a huge part of the Zulu tradition. Here I am claiming the Herbert Armstrong’s radio station that I tried to save. It got torn down. I ran into the Springfield City Manager, Neil Laudati at my Lane change presentation. I wrote him about saving KORE that was a Power Source. God was there when I filmed. I had a good time. He spoke through me! People are jealous of me, and want to murder me. I got what they don’t.

In the video below a woman takes the power of the man, then returns it to him. There is a real vibrant energy at work. I can feel it. I am one with Elijah. This energy knocks down the men who go before her.

Ed Ray and his Beaver Tribe took away much energy when they took away my kin’s name. They did not go before the City Council.

I am working on a treaty between the Czech Republic and South Africa. The Duchess of Sussex will play a role.

Long live Senator Thomas Hart Benton! And – God save the Queen!

John ‘The Nazarite’

John Ambrose <>
‎Jul‎ ‎13‎, ‎2016 at ‎1‎:‎50‎ ‎PM
My friend Ben Toney titled me “The Sage of Oregon” this morning. We have Fair Rosamond as a common ancestor. Ben was a head of Radio London, that due to censorship, broadcast from a ship off the coast. He knew all the great music stars in Britain and the US. I showed him this video of Chuck Kesey telling me how proud Springfield was to get the Grateful Dead tossed out of a downtown bar – and there you were! I might have a video of my interview with you. Ben is looking for a home for his history – too. ‘Hands across the water”
I believe the City of Springfield should buy KORE radio and do live broadcast – even to Ken Kesey Square! I was going to do a large blog ‘Radio Free Springfield’ today, but, thought I should run it thru you – so they don’t raise the price.
John Presco
Ben, I have been looking at your Radio London history and would like to present some of it to city planners. Here is Chuck Kesey, Ken’s brother, who told me how the Grateful Dead were oppressed in Springfield. Thats Eil Laudati on stage. I want to splice you into this history, 

Rosamond Press

Why isn’t Giuliani and Jeff sessions demanding Putin hand over the twelve Russian Army offers who issued warrants. Instead Mr. 911 threatens Americans with a revolt from armed Nazi-like Militias for the Killer Jesus. Giuliani is a TERRORIST.

At the same time, his Mafia-like Boss Man directs attention away from himself and his real legal problems, to South Africa, in order to stir up his Christian Nazi base, and offer them fresh targets to go into their deluded and murderous minds.

Here are members of the church I belong to too. I declared myself a Nazarite in 1987 after I was driven from a Christian church for asking good questions. These are South Africans. I have been mocked and abandoned by friends and family because I chose this church. Today, they are in the news.

John and Jesus were Nazarites. They launched a war against Rome and burned down the…

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