Stepping Into History

I didn’t need a gang of hired historians and nameless protestors to back me up. This is why people hate me. I am a Loner. Most folks need a committee of gossipers to convene to make sure they don’t produce an original thought, and are singled out. Of course they have to meet out punishment to A LONER to fortify their inane thought-system. Church goers see themselves as Tribal People.

Native-Tribal Un-thinking is destroying America. Everyone has to have a tribe, especially the beer-guzzling Bubba NASCAR evangelicals that put Trump in the White House. Pale Face Ray got himself a Tribe – The Beaver Tribe – and they’re on the Warpath! The Beaver Renaming Cult did not take their name change before the City Council of Corvallis, so believing in the Power of the Beaver Pelt, that the common citizen represented by City Government, were rendered, useless.

I would as soon place my children in the midst of smallpox”

Her mother also influenced her political views. Elizabeth Preston McDowell came from the influential Preston family of Virginia. While she epitomized the ideal nineteenth century wife and mother, she did involve herself in the slavery issue. In a letter to writer and abolitionist Lydia Maria Child, Jessie credited her own anti-slavery stance to her mother and claimed, “I would as soon place my children in the midst of smallpox, as rear them under the influence of slavery.”[3]

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Last night, when I started walking towards the podium at the Springfield City Hall meeting, I felt faint, and almost stumbled. It was like I had been at sea for a year, and when I stepped on to solid ground, I still had my sea legs. My voice faltered when I spoke. I realized the gravity of the moment. There was the Mayor of Springfield before me with her ears at ready. She wanted to hear what I have to say. I was, shocked! I have had some fierce rejection.

I now felt uneasy, because I was not prepared for what I was doing. In promoting the history of two men, I am promoting myself. This has always been difficult for me because I suffer from extreme low self-esteem. You would not know it by reading this blog.

When I visited my friend Nancy at the Springfield Creamer located a…

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