Only Nazarites Can Rebuild Temple

When they read that only Nazarites can rebuild the Temple, the McKenzie Meadows Tribe was furious! In their mind I was trying to prevent the Killer Jesus from arriving and destroying most of the world – just for their Tribe! Jesus is a dangerous Tribal Leader in their book. Millions of people in the world should be trying to thwart their plan. This is the SANE thing to do. Kim Hafner squealed for joy when she read I had a falling out with my daughter, and indeed, she had become one with them. This is a lie! Tribal thinkers are not held responsible for telling lies, because it is a Group Lie, told for the sake of the tribe. Hitler was very Tribal.

Below is my Bohemian Brothers honoring the Rosenbergs my great grandfathers.

Rosamond Press

I beseech the Czech Republic to get behind the Shembe Zulu Nazarites. God’s true prophets are here! I will bring the sword!

Above are my people. I descend from Peter wok von Rosenberg who were good friends of John Dee. I have claimed Krumlov Castle.

John 007

Go back to the past and meet valiant knights and gracious noblewomen!

Every year in June, the fabulous city of Český Krumlov is transported for three days back to the Renaissance period and the rule of the last Rožmberks. The streets and squares are filled with the roar of knightly tournaments, historical crafts fairs, banquets and medieval music. The highlight of the festival is a spectacular procession in historical costumes, featuring knights on horseback and particularly many notables linked to the history of the city. Popular is the jousting tournament, recalling the past legend about cutting roses, live chess pieces on a giant…

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