Is Joseph Orosco The Ringleader?

I believe this dude is the ringleader. Let us look at the photo again. The majority of these people are Hispanic. Is this why they did not want to give their names, because they will be identified as Latinos. Orosco worships Chez Guevara. I grew up in Oakland where I had Hispanic friends who hated gringos and wanted to take back California that my kindred, John Fremont, rested away from the owners of huge land grants. Fremont’s father-in-law is Senator Thomas Har Benton. Joe lies about all this renaming being “open”. Joseph Orosco is a propagandist, who believes telling lies to white people for the sake of his people, is permitted.


a person who promotes or publicizes a particular organization or cause.
“a highly persuasive political propagandist”
synonyms: advocate, champion, supporter, promoter, proponent, exponent, campaigner, crusader, publicist, evangelist, apostle, proselytizer, indoctrinator;

Look at the superior look on this dudes face. He is of a proud race, ex-owners of a proud land that was invaded by White Supremist, who took it all away from Joe and his people. Joe………will never forget, or, forgive! If his ancestors had the weapons, they would have defeated the White Foreign Devils and makethem slaves…………ect.ect. The future – is his! His people will outnumber the Gringo – soon! Joe’s thinking, put Trump in office!

Thanks – Joe!

Below is a photograph of me with my daughter and grandson, taken by the wife of a son of Black Panther. My father married a Mexican woman. His best friend was a Mexican. I say this because Joe and his Conquistadors, are trying to defeat White Americans with Racist Guilt Trips. I’ve heard all this bullshit before while playing poker with some Bad Hombres! Here are some plans for the German Invasion of Boston and New York! This is what HUMANS DO – of all colors!

Look, Orosco, you lying subversive anarchist, here I am on land that used to belong To General Vallejo! Ha! Ha! Your people were too weak to defend it, and now you are crying snowflakes. There were huge wars against the Incan and Aztec people hundreds of years before Cortez landed. There were winners and losers. Can you trace you tribe back, and, if so, do you want justice?

So what you removed my kin’s name from a building, and planted your sneaky invisible flag – that is not invisible anymore! I have capture it! I wave it atop Benton Hall.

“Look my fellow voters! I captured the flag of the sneaky Anarchist Latino Liar!”

This is what gave you a way……… “Organized to Revolution,” This is a English translation! Is this your class, Joseph? You conducted a field study, and Ed Ray – FREAKED! Ha! Ha!

No one is honoring Benton, you dumb fuck! No one on campus knew who he was! You only found out when you googled John Fremont, your mortal enemy. You went after his wife’s dead father, you sniveling low-life coward – and ghoul!  Do your wear a bat cape? What hold do you have over the four historians? Stacey L. Smith has destroyed her reputation – with your help! Benton and Fremont secured the would west coast for the Voters of the United States of America. You two reduced him to being a racist redneck hayseed. Outrageous!

Never in the annals of human history has such a important and historic  person been reduced to a character out of Lil Abner! Hitler would hire you – if he was alive! This was John Astor’s attorney. Of course he promotes trade with the Asians and the Japanese. Commodore Perry read everything Benton wrote on Manifest Destiny. I suspect Benton was a member of a secret cabal that Monroe founded to purchase the Lousiana Territory. The Freemasons built Benton Hall with their money.

Manifest Destiny

In American schools, the term “American imperialism” is not so commonly used in textbooks, but it was under President James Polk that America attempted to create the American Empire. In its wake, Texas and California were annexed from Mexico.

Benton ran for office five times – and won! He won because he offered white people free land. He won because he offered white people Indian land. He did not win by offering to give back Texas back to Mexico. White folks did not “honor” Benton as if he was a deity. We whites love free land, just like all the other races! Japan invaded China to get more land, and, bombed Pearl Harbor. The Japanese are very racist.  They worship the Emperor of a Sun Goddess. This is REAL HISTORY that you subverted and dismissed for your own Superior Reasons! I will bust your ass till the day I die! You fucked with my people! The exact same way Trump had McCain’s name covered over on a war ship.

I have a vision of Ed Ray and you doing lunch, and you convincing him to hand over all Benton’s history and building to do with it what you will – because white folks owe you! Never considering Benton had next of kin, what a perfect bone to throw you. And, just so the white folks of Benton County don’t get wise, you have you Propaganda Class withhold their names! Outragious!

I demand that you, Ed Ray, the four historian and the board of regents RESTORE eveythig the way it was, before you came slithering through the glass. If this does not happen then start crating iit all up. I want everything connected to my kindred – sent to me! I am the Benton Historian and Caretaker! Do you know these Sneaks that went after Thomas Hart Benton’s art? Do you work for Putin? This is exactly the stunt he will pull to divided us.

The reason you don’t run for office in Oregon, letting all the voters know where you are coming from, is they don’t want what you a are selling. You would LOSE! You hate losing, because you are a LOSER! You are a psychologist playing Manifest Mind Games! You will not be leading your Tribal Class around the buildings renamed, showing off your Pillory’s Of Perpetual Shame. I am exposing you to the Press. The people will put your revolution down.

Thanks for the fantastic publicity! Long live the English Speaking People!

John Presco


regard with great respect.
“they honore their parents in all they did”
synonyms: hold in great respect, hold in high esteem, have a high regard for, esteem, respect, admire, defer to, look up to, think highly of;

Joseph Orosco

Primary tabs


Send an Email

Office: 541-737-4335

Milam Hall 317

2520 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

Profile Field Tabs

Affiliated with:
School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
Research/Career Interests:


Dr. Orosco joined the OSU Faculty in fall 2001. He received his Ph.D and M.A in Philosophy from the University of California, Riverside, and his B.A in philosophy from Reed College in Portland, Oregon.  His primary area of interest is in social and political philosophy, particularly democratic theory and global justice. He teaches classes in American Philosophy and Latino/a and Latin American thought, with an emphasis on Mexican culture, history, and immigration to the United States.

Orosco is director of the Peace Studies program and teaches about issues of peace and nonviolence. Students can receive a Peace Studies certificate through the program.

Orosco has written on the political theory of various figures, including Josiah Royce, Jane Addams, Martin Luther King, Jr, and Cesar Chavez. In 2008, his first book, “Cesar Chavez and the Common Sense of Nonviolence,” was published by University of New Mexico Press.

He serves as a faculty advisor to MEChA and the and is a founding member of the OSU Faculty and Staff for Peace and Justice.  For several years, he produced Engage: Conversations in Philosophy, the podcast program of global culture, engaged philosophy, and transformative concepts.  He is currently the co-editor of the Journal for Philosophy in the Contemporary World, and serves on the editorial boards of the Transactions of the Charles Pierce Society, the Inter-American Journal of Philosophy, and the Review Journal of Political Philosophy.

He has been a guest on National Public Radio’s “Philosophy Talk” and is a frequent speaker on issues of peace, nonviolence and the life of Cesar Chavez at venues around the country.

When he’s not doing philosophy, he enjoys travel, listening to Afro-Cuban music, practicing West African drumming, and salsa dancing.

Select Publications

Cesar Chavez and the Common Sense of Nonviolence
University of New Mexico Press, 2008
Cesar Chavez and the Common Sense of Nonviolence


Journal Articles and Chapters

  • Frontiers of Democracy: Domingo Sarmiento and Josiah Royce on the Geography of Self-governing Communities.  The Pluralist, Vol. 6, No. 3, Fall 2011
  • Jose Vasconcelos, White Supremacy, and the Silence of American Pragmatism.  Inter-american Journal of Philosophy Vol. 2., Issue 2 (December 2011)
  • Defending the Great Community: Royce’s Concept of Humanitarian Intervention.  Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society.  Vol. 46, No. 2, Four Pieces on Josiah Royce’s Logic: Scott L. Pratt, Guest Editor, Peter H. Hare, Organizer (Spring 2011), pp. 266-281

You can find out more about his work on his Academia webpage.    He is also the co-director of the Anarres Project for Alternative Futures.

Dr. Orosco was also recently featured in a short video by The Concerned Philosophers for Peace entitled ‘Peace and Public Life’ which you can watch below:

Garth Benton is Dead

I learned from sister, Vicki Presco, that the father of our niece, Drew Benton, passed away five days ago. Garth Benton married Christine Rosemond Presco in 1986. Garth was married to the actress, Harlee McBride, before that, and had two daughters, Jessica, and Bree.I was glad to hear that Drew was there for her father when he passed, with the help of Vicki. This is the family unity that I hoped for when I visited Vicki in June so we can go foreword. We have spent too much time at the stern of the ship looking at the destructive flotsam in our wake. We have been moving to the bow of the ship in order behold a brighter future.

For those who have inherited at least one of the Muses, let us continue to look to our creations, our beautiful children, and the loving bonds we made, for inspiration.

Above are the images of the beautiful Muses that Garth rendered in his mural ‘Hall of the Nine Muses’. Bree is performing a one act show in New York. Drew is working on new artwork. Here is the webpage Drew designed for her father:

Jon Presco

The murals on the J. Paul Getty Museum’s garden walls have been seen by millions of visitors since the Malibu institution opened 20 years ago. But who knew that the artist who painted–and is now restoring–the realistic likenesses of columns, garlands and still-life arrangements is Garth Benton, a third cousin of Thomas Hart Benton? The 53-year-old artist never met his famous relative, an American regionalist painter who rejected modern abstraction and championed a muscular style of realism until his death in 1975. But the younger Benton was turned on to art at the age of 8 when he saw a book of his relative’s paintings, and he occasionally corresponded with the late artist, who spent much of his life in his home state of Missouri.

Fine art connoisseurs insist that Garth Benton creates the kind of exquisite murals that “should be admired and treasured.” Insiders say Benton’s “never-ending” skills are made manifest by the diversity of his commissions, which are inspired by everything from first-century Roman frescoes to eighteenth-century Chinese wallpaper to Art Deco and Modern designs.

Benton, who has been described as one of the top five muralists in the world, truly executes museum-quality pieces. He has worked on such notable projects as the 1,000-foot mural in the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, and been published in fine art books. Benton studied art at UCLA and Art Center College of Design after being inspired by the work of his cousin, the late Thomas Hart Benton, a teacher of Jackson Pollock and a well-known artist in his own right.

Benton is renowned for his meticulous research, immersing himself in the history of a civilization before he lifts his brush. Benton often paints his murals on canvas so they can be transported, a detail clients appreciate—especially when they decide to move. Though sources say they “cannot put a price” on these works of art, they willingly write a very large check.
Representative Client Comments:
“Benton’s work is breathtaking.” “In addition to being one of most talented artists of his time, he is a wonderful person—soulful and real.” “I am glad to know that this kind of skilled artist still exists.” “Garth transports you to another time with his art.”

“To Garth with appreciation of your wonderful assistance and with warmest, best wishes.”
– Betty and Gerald Ford

“What a joy to have your murals!”
– Bob and Dolores Hope

“Your work is truly fine, and you go above and beyond the call of duty. So when you present your final bill to me, make it for whatever you like…within reason, of course.”
– Barbra Streisand

“To master artist Garth Benton, and his two talented daughters, and with gratitude for your beautiful additon to our new home.”
– Rhonda “Mann” Flemming

(Partial List)
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hope
Pres. and Mrs. Gerald Ford
Ms. Barbra Streisand
Mr. Sidney Sheldon
HRH Prince Saud Al Faisal
Ms. Carol Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wolper
Ms. Jaclyn Smith
The J.Paul Getty Museum
M.H. De Young Memorial Museum
Mr. Danny Kaye
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Singleton
Mr. And Mrs. Mickey Rudin
Mr. Dean Martin
Mr. Hugh Hefner
Fluor Corporation
Ralph M. Parsons Company
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Firestone
The Beverly Hilton Hotel
Squaw Valley Inn
Mr. Richard Cohen
Lily and Richard Zanuck
Mr. and Mrs. George Doheny
Princess of Iran
Ms. Polly Bergen
Mrs. Walt Disney
Ms. Pamela Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Spelling
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Douglas
Mr. Jerry Magnin
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Resnick
Ms. Danielle Steel
Mr. David Nutt, Esq.

Poor Baby Bree is really Bree Benton, 35 and a newcomer to cabaret. But her arresting characterization—unbroken for the length of her show—is worthy of a small theater. She drifts into view, worldly goods slung over her shoulder, and then, through vintage recitations and songs of woe, she recalls every defeated wretch who traipsed through early-20th-century America, looking for home and hanging on by a thread. Opening her bag, she pulls out her “babies”—antique dolls to whom she sings. Is she insane or just lonesome? Benton draws her laments from tattered sheet music and acoustic 78s; her voice is the frail warble heard on those tinny recordings, her face the portrait of despair immortalized by Mary Pickford, Lillian Gish and other silent-era waifs.
Learning of Benton’s incongruous family connection—she’s the stepdaughter of Richard Belzer, the cranky, politically minded comic actor—makes you all the more curious: What led her to adopt this antique persona? So hauntingly does she inhabit it that you may conclude that Bree Benton is not of this time, nor even this world.

Producers of the abandoned revival of Funny Girl struggled to find a new Fanny Brice, someone with the requisite comedic chops and rafter-shaking voice who could shake the ghost of Streisand. They might have done well to consider Bree Benton, who, in the persona of Poor Baby Bree, evokes the comic pathos of Brice and her contemporaries while putting her own indelible stamp on vaudeville revisited.
Since 2005, Benton has been performing in one-person shows as Poor Baby Bree, with musical director Franklin Bruno at piano—championing lost vaudeville songs of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Baby Bree, a street-smart waif with stars in her eyes and “not a plug nickel” to her name, provides Benton with the ideal vehicle for her repertoire of vintage comic songs, ballads, and patter. In Benton’s skillful hands, tough-talkin’, sweet-singin’ Baby Bree is part Bette Davis, part Fanny Brice, part Judy Garland with a sprinkling of Olive Oyl—a sassy comedian one minute, a heart-breaking balladeer the next.
Baby Bree’s latest adventure, “I Am Going to Run Away,” is now playing at La MaMa through April 29. In this outing, Baby Bree runs away from home to join the circus—only to find herself lost in the big city, with only her dolls for company. This provides the frame for such forgotten standards as the rousing “Oh! You Circus Day” from 1912—a lively celebration of big-top glamour—to the poignant “Laugh! Clown! Laugh!, ”a 1928 ditty about the tragic life of a circus clown. For the most part, Benton breezily walks the tightrope between funny and sad, as epitomized in her charming interpretation of the 1932 novelty song “The Angel Cake Lady (And the Ginger Bread Man),” replete with a dancing marionette, gingerbread man, and larger-than-life doughnut. In some places, however, she is still finding her comedic feet. Not all the jokes land, particularly in the awkward first 10 minutes. (A crack about a wild bear eating sauerkraut crashed with a thud). Under Bruno’s musical direction, the band provides lively accompaniment, driving the momentum while providing rich period sound. Consulting director David Schweizer has built a solid framework—though sometimes the transitions drag—particularly the long, unnecessarily complicated and literal shift from the “woods” to the city. (The action stops to a halt as two stagehands dismantle trees and put up a garbage pail and crates).
Still, this is charming evening—a celebration of old songs whose cleverness and emotional truth still resonate—and a showcase for prodigious performer. In all, “I Am Going to Run Away” is a delightful introduction to the forgotten songs of a century ago.
Poor Baby Bree in I Am Going to Run Away; LaMaMa Etc. Conceived and performed by Bree Benton; Consulting Director: Michael Schweizer; Musical Direction and Piano: Franklin Bruno; The Club at LaMaMa; 212-475-7710;,

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I suspect Joseph Orosco belongs to the movement that is irate about white people taking land from the Mexican and Native American People. Ed Ray tosses him a bone that upsets Greene who arms herself with a AK-47. Where is – THE PEACE? As a Republican Candidate for President I have taken on these issued – all by myself! I got not one in my corner. I don’t have a gang with FAKE SHAMAN.

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