Is Joseph Orosco The Ringleader?

I suspect Joseph Orosco belongs to the movement that is irate about white people taking land from the Mexican and Native American People. Ed Ray tosses him a bone that upsets Greene who arms herself with a AK-47. Where is – THE PEACE? As a Republican Candidate for President, I have taken on these issues – all by myself! I got no one in my corner. I don’t have a gang with FAKE SHAMAN. Unless all children have real advocates there should be laws against doing stuff – in their names! I am sure Joe is doing stuff for the sake of the Latino Children – of the future! This is how Tribalism is promoted. 

“Do it for the children! Our children are being abused by our enemies!”

Rosamond Press

I believe this dude is the ringleader. Let us look at the photo again. The majority of these people are Hispanic. Is this why they did not want to give their names, because they will be identified as Latinos. Orosco worships Chez Guevara. I grew up in Oakland where I had Hispanic friends who hated gringos and wanted to take back California that my kindred, John Fremont, rested away from the owners of huge land grants. Fremont’s father-in-law is Senator Thomas Har Benton. Joe lies about all this renaming being “open”. Joseph Orosco is a propagandist, who believes telling lies to white people for the sake of his people, is permitted.


a person who promotes or publicizes a particular organization or cause.
“a highly persuasive political propagandist”
synonyms:advocate, champion, supporter, promoter, proponent, exponent, campaigner, crusader, publicist, evangelist

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