John Spoke As An Infant

The Gospel of Thoams POINTS to the truth DIVNE INFANTS could speak, and were filled with the Holy Spirit. This is the foundation of  Christianity, and not the crucifixion. As a Prophet of the New Moravian Church, I will return to the True Genesis.

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John’s remains are being worshipped by Muslim’s in Syria.

John the Baptist was born of the two priestly Levite lines. His father was of the linage of Moses, and his mother of Aaron. Gabriel appeared to his father when he was near the Ark, and another Angel appeared to John’s mother. These are the two Angels of the Ark of the Covenant that was brought out by the First Born Sons in accord with Reubenite Priesthood, that was altered when the Philistine’s captured the Ark and the Khorite Choir.

What they wanted was child to be born who knew UNALTERED TORAH. When John was eight days old, the ousted Nazarite Priests of Reuben came to ask John’s name. There is a argument among his parents as to what his name will be. Zachariah was ordered to remain silent around his unborn son, who was filled with the Holy Spirit while…

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