Hannity – The Excomunicator of Pixie&Dixie Hollow

The FOX NEWS PEOPLE are the FAKE ONES! They FOOLED the American People and turned them against one another. They helped Putin put a Traitor in the White House. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/three-revelations-from-the-new-yorkers-explosive-fox-news-story/ar-BBUntIy?ocid=spartandhp

Rosamond Press

Great point, Tantaros.  And you know Fox doesn’t pay her any less because she’s a woman.  They pay her less because she’s a brunette.

“In court, it was revealed that Michael Cohen has three clients, two of which are Sean Hannity and Donald Trump. Thursday night, Sean Hannity went on TV to reveal details of conversations he had with Cohen, who is currently being turned inside out by the Southern District of New York, special counsel Robert Mueller and the United States House of Representatives. If Sean Hannity doesn’t understand that he volunteered himself for questioning with all those folks through this provable lie, then he doesn’t even have the legal knowledge you can get from watching one episode of Law and Order.”

I hate Hannity! He comes off like a choir boy, and a mamma’s boy, who takes swipes at the boys who hate him…

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