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Would Hillary have won if it were not for the attack on me from SLEEPS? Consider the smokestack of the Portreo Plant.

Roza Mira and The Divine Feminine
Posted on May 3, 2012
by Royal Rosamond Press

Leonard DaVinci would enjoy the vision of Daniel Andreev, he perhaps rendering beautiful images to go with the idea of a Divine Feminine that was explored by Denis de Rougemont who envisioned a One World Government.

I found the Roza Mira oil and gas company. Are they associated with the Roza Mira Prophecy who has plans to unite all the religions of the world? My Bohemian Bank was calling for such a thing, we Bohemians anointing our own middle men in the oil game in order to fund the Arts.
” Monolit is, in turn, part of Roza Mira, a medium-sized independent Russian group trading oil products.”
Did the Roza Mira Training center try to employ super model Ruslana to help develop their brand name ‘Rose of the World’? If so, is Roza Mira looking at my blogs, and my famous sister, Rosamond?
Michell Bachman will endorse Mitt Romeny thus unite the Mormon and Evangelical cults that have transformed the Rebel Jesus Redeemer into a virginal feminine love object with a long white gown – and long hair! Loving and worshipping beautiful woman is a big taboo in this modern world – gone mad!
The idea of a Personal Jesus is about fifty years old. Billy Graham was intent on stopping Teen Love, and making Jesus the Love Object of teenagers so they will not make love to love music that worshipped beautiful women. Jesus was not born to be your personal savior, die on the cross FOR YOU, and you, and you, and you, and you! He never was your personal lover. Get over it! Not everyone gets a beautiful woman, or, a divine deity who knows everything about you. Not everyone get to be an Artist.
When Lover Jesus was turned into Political Killer Jesus by Tim LaHaye, the Christian Coalition, and Oil Billionaires, then American became home to a terrorist orginization whose divine leader gave this simple message;
“Love me! Worship only me – or I will destroy you!”
Sounds like Lucifer, the vain fallen angel to me!
Ruslana is a fallen angel, with long hair. We Nazarites take her into the Lord’s Fold.
Jon ‘The Nazarite’
The Rose of the World is envisioned in the development of the feminine nature in humanity: abhorrence for cruelty and violence, the expression of tenderness and love, the central concern for children, and the love of the beautiful. Women will assume positions of leadership, inspiration and wisdom. The current patriarchal order will be, at least partially, transformed under this empowered feminine influence in the Rose of the World.

Rosamond Press

Anastasia Drozdova was a super model who also took the Rose of the World training at the VDNH culture center in Moscow. She too took her life by jumping to her death. Beautiful women are put in a tower at the center of a maze.

“I felt depressed for week after I attended the Rose of the World. I felt that there was no way out.”

I asked Rena why she didn’t get into modeling like her three older sisters had. She told me they were all screwed up. One of them was the mistress of Robert Vesco, the millionaire financier who was a good friend of Donald Nixon.

“Vesco was notorious throughout his life, attempting to buy a Caribbean island from Antigua in order to create an autonomous country and having a national law in Costa Rica made to protect him from extradition. A 2001 article labeled Vesco…

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