Montana Rose

My grandfather was a real cowboy in Montana. His story, Squaw Women, was published in Out West magazine with a special copyright aimed at the movie industry that was on the hunt for free ideas, and, were prone to put their brand on the work of poor writers who were trying to put food on their table to fee their hungry families.

Our Democracy, and our Families, are being ravaged by drug and alcohol addictions. This EMERGENCY has been going one for some time. I challenge Hollywood, Dreamworks, cellphone aps, to come up with messages that will turn our people around. Not everything they touch should be aimed at making a prophet. During wartime, Hollywood was employed by the U.S. Government to make movies that helped American keep themselves focused on who the enemy is. Thanks to those who allowed Trump to ascend to the Presidency, that focus is a crazy mirror in a foolish funhouse. Fellow Republicans have grown long ears as they walked Trump’s nose grow longer and longer. Walth Disney got it right. What happened?

On July 6, 2018, I founded ‘Wandering Star’ studios. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was a second cousin who was married to a real Republican.  A year ago I found two of our kin buried in the same grave. They died of a flu epidemic that swept America, like the heroine addiction – is sweeping America! Here is OUR real emergency. It is madness to watch the President of the United States glom on to our emergency and use it for his own ends.

John Warner is in my family tree. His wife struggled with her addictions. This is not a football game. We need to be on the same team.

John Presco

Originally written in 1934 for Adios, Argentina, an unproduced 20th Century Fox film musical, “Don’t Fence Me In” was based on text by Robert (Bob) Fletcher, a poet and engineer with the Department of Highways in Helena, Montana. Cole Porter, who had been asked to write a cowboy song for the 20th Century Fox musical, bought the poem from Fletcher for $250. Porter reworked Fletcher’s poem, and when the song was first published, Porter was credited with sole authorship. Porter had wanted to give Fletcher co-authorship credit, but his publishers did not allow it. After the song became popular, however, Fletcher hired attorneys who negotiated his co-authorship credit in subsequent publications. Although it was one of the most popular songs of its time, Porter claimed it was his least favorite of his compositions.[2]

The Wandering Star Studio

On this day, July 6, 2018, I give new life to The Wandering Star Studio. I am now seeking backers for WSS in China, Japan, Canada, France, and England. I am going to ask David Lynch if he will represent my studio.

The United States of America, before it became a Nations, was made up of diverse peoples from all over the world. The Constitution does not describe a certain race of peoples as owners of this Freedom Land. It belongs to all citizens. The laws for being a citizen, and becoming a citizen have been established. However, there is always room for improvement.

It is becoming evident, that many people who voted for Donald Trump, did so believing he would grant them a special citizenship that is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. This idea is creating Disunity that grows each day, because it is being nurtured by propaganda. This propaganda is being spread to the rest of the world in Trump’s Trade Wars that no U.S. Citizen voted for, or, expected.

It is the mission of Wandering Star Studio to show how it took many diverse people to make up this great country of ours. Most of these people were not indigenous. they came here from all over the world, following a…………….Wandering Star!

Rosamond Press

Today I celebrate thirty years of sobriety. I was hoping my 24 carat gold plated coin would have arrived today. Last week I got information in the mail from Deborah Cryder that said Ida Rose, and her daughter, Dollie Rose, were buried in the same grave. When I saw the stick Deborah put in the ground, I saw a splicing, and the blooming of a True Montana Rose. I will gather my roses here.

Below is a photograph of me placing Christine Rosamond Benton’s AA coin in the tomb of my grandfathers I had found. I found Frank Wesley Rosamond’s burial place in Oklahoma, and put a marker there. Phoebe Hearst financial backed Out West magazine that published Dollie Rosamond’s brothers stories and poems. Today in the mail, I got a book for Dollie, who missed growing up, and becoming a mother. She is now the muse of Poets, and…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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