Belmont Theme Park – A First

My great grandfather, Cark Janke, founded and opperated what might be California’s first theme park – long before there was a Disneyland! I have been told I could be bigger than Walt Disney by a fellow researcher who told me someone should pay me millions for the contents of this blog. My enemies, who include members of my family, read this, and want me to be insane! It irks them that I – DREAM SO BIG! They cherry-pick this blog because they are not readers – or dreamers! I am not dreaming. I have done, and am doing, the work!

Rosamond Press

I conclude Carl Janke is the founder of the city of Belmont, and perhaps the first Theme Park in California. Pre-fab homes were built back east and brought to Benicia in order to make it the first Capital of California. I suspect Belmont was a rival city.

William August Janke, the son of Carl August Janke of Belmont, lived in a Victorian house at 320 Haight St. a a block and a half from Fillmore St. Carl founded what may be the oldest theme park in America that catered to members of the Odd Fellows who lived in San Francisco. Carl Janke hired a special train to bring people to his theme park modeled after a German folk town and beergarten. Carl owned the Belmont soda works and sold a drink that may have contained cocaine. Carl made a jail for his town because folks got out of hand. Consider…

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