Michael McCurdy

I called Michael McCurdy yesterday. He was a manager at the Rosamond Gallery, and is in Tom Snyder’s book. He is very gabby, but, he was reluctant to talk to me. I told him about Vicki, and, he seemed to know her condition. Are Mike and Melinda McCurdy close friends with Stacey Pierrot, and Jacci?

I asked Mike if he knew of any insurance policies taken out on Christine. I asked him where Stacey got the money to buy the Rosamond estate. He told me she is an heiress. My aunt Lillian said the same thing.

Mike is in the Art Business. He knows this is very strange, where a ungifted person puts on the dead skin of a famous artist, and walks on her stage she just purchased. This is against all the rules of art. So is impersonating a woman in order to sell Rosamond-like images as is the case of  Sara Moon, who plagiarized Christine, and, took my mother and put her in his stable of beautiful woman. He hid his true identity for years.

An hour ago, I called Mike and left a message. I asked him if he was invited to Christine Rosamond Benton’s first sober birthday party in AA. They were in the same AA group. When I called and talked to Melinda after Garth had Shannon placed in handcuffs while she was staying in her mother’s home on 8 Dear Forest Drive, she told me she went over and tried to reason with Garth. They were neighbors. That’s how they met.

The McCurdys live at 88 Corona Road less then a mile from the ocean. Can they see Point Lobos from their house? Here’s where locals and tourists go to tide-pool. It is safe here – for children. Tom Snyder says my family went to Rocky Point to go tide-pooling. This is a very dangerous area. A fisherman was washed of the rocks a week before Christine was. Surely the Bentons and McCurdys saw this on the news. The McCurdy house is worth $4,500,000 million dollars. Stacey and Brian invested nearly half a million dollars in hotels. Why are the managers of the Rosamond gallery rolling in doe, while the executor says Christine’s estate in intestate? Why was Shannon forced out of the picture? Controlling all the information seems vital to these Carmelites. Mike is a writer. Did he write any advertisement for the gallery? I asked Mike to call me back.

What if several people around Christine took out life insurance police. Rosemary suggested her daughter killed herself. I am going to finish my report to the IRS and Insurance Fraud agents.

Mike knows the ocean very well. He knows Snyder’s account is bullshit! He knows Shannon was treated badly. I suspect he reads this blog. Why didn’t he write his own version of events? Why didn’t he contact me and tell me I am on the right track?

I just called Mike and told him about this blog.

“I blogged on you!”

Here’s how I see it. Michael McCurdy was the general manager of the Rosamond gallery when my sister drowned. She left a short Will, which is shocking. She named Shannon and Drew as her Heirs. She named Vicki Presco and Jacci Belford at her executors. They both dropped out and nominated Garth Benton, the father of eight year old Drew Benton. A terrible divorce just ended. Mike owes his loyalty to Christine and the adult Heir. Shannon was twenty-eight. Why does Mike appear loyal to Heiress, Stacey Pierrot? Did Pierrot invest any of her inheritance in the McCurdys? Did Christine owe them money for back wages?

John Presco


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