Mark Judge and Kavanaugh

The Democrats blew it – big time! They concentrated on the attempted rape, and not the dynamics of TWO DRINKING BUDDIES. There is a good reason why Brett and Mark hung and drank together – they always had beer! Where, and how did they get this beer? How did they have the money to buy beer? BEER WAS THEIR BABE BAIT! Young girls like to experiment with getting drunk – for the first time – too! They want bragging rights, also. There is a initiation, a right of passage, for girls – too! They think the word NO will protect them.

Brett and Mark are smart. They knew how to set a Good Trap! This is – JUST LIKE HUNTING! These drunk college dudes are after TROPHIES. This is their favorite sport. Being BEST FRIENDS, they competed with one another. They swapped stories – and had a good laugh! I wish I was a Senator and got to question one of these Assholes! Brett would have hated me – the leftist peace kind of guy – who gives girls, drugs! They are against drug. Beer is right-wing! In Vietnam, soldiers were given all the beer they wanted in orer to keep them away from drugs. It was a political ploy.

I liked beer, too! I was a beer-drunk. They called me aqua-lungs. I chose friends who like beer so we can go-in on cases of beer. Getting to the store before 2:00 A.M. was a religious ritual. Sometimes we didn’t make it, we were so drunk. Drunks don’t like to drink alone. I have been arrested for drunk driving – twice! Peter Shapiro of The Loading Zone took this pic of me. We were roommates. We played tennis a lot – with a beer on the sidelines!

Almost everything I did, was risky, illegal, or disturbing to sober people. I never forced myself on a woman, or, got a woman drunk to have sex. Drunks who did this – were scumbags. This went on in Frat Houses where Peter played with his first band ‘The Marbles’. Young women knew the reputation of a Frat House. If you went there, you were asking for trouble. Brett and Mark – WERE TROUBLE! That’s what they CHOSE TO BE!

I lived a block form the University of Oregon for ten years. There were reported rapes at the Frat Parities – all the time! One Frat House was closed down, so, they took over four appartment in my building and turning it into a Drink & Rape House. The parties on three floors. The cops were called. Come time for the next party, they put notes on doors saying not to call the cops and cause them to be fined, but, check into a motel for the night.

I took my notice to vacate to one Drunk Leader, and asked him if he was studying law. He said he was.

“How stupid are you! You just gave intent to break your lease!”

I went to management, and three Drunk Dudes – were evicted.

My point is – why would anyone be considered for a seat on the Supreme Court if they engaged in any of this CRAP! Forget about the attempted rape. Excessive drinking constitutes being an ALCOHOLIC and, being a risk to break laws – and disturb THE PEACE! Animal House was shot in Eugene Oregon.

Mark Judge is a right-wing writer! He is still loyal to His School – their school! Before Ms. Ford testified a Democrat Senator should have read this………..

John Presco

How much alcohol is too much?

You are drinking too much if you are:

  • A woman who has more than seven drinks per week or more than three drinks per occasion.
  • A man who has more than 14 drinks per week or more than four drinks per occasion.
  • Older than 65 years and having more than seven drinks per week or more than three drinks per occasion.

Two women who have accused Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct at parties as a teenager have both named the same man as being present at the time: Mark Judge.

A high school friend of Judge Kavanaugh, Mr. Judge has quickly become a significant but elusive figure. His name was repeatedly brought up on Thursday during testimony by one of the women, Christine Blasey Ford, and Judge Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

But Mr. Judge has avoided the public spotlight in recent weeks, holed up at a Delaware beach house, denying the allegations through a lawyer.

Democratic senators pressed Judge Kavanaugh about his relationship with Mr. Judge and lamented that he had not been called as a witness by the Republican majority that controls the process.

Mr. Judge is now an author, filmmaker and journalist who has written for conservative publications including The Daily Caller and The Weekly Standard. He had active profiles on Facebook and YouTube until his name surfaced in recent weeks, but those pages have since been removed. News stories have focused on “Wasted,” his 1997 memoir, which describes his alcohol-fueled years as a student at Georgetown Preparatory School in Maryland, where he was Mr. Kavanaugh’s close friend and classmate.

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Judge Kavanaugh has repeatedly denied the allegations made by Dr. Blasey and a second woman, Julie Swetnick, as well as an accusation by a Yale classmate, Deborah Ramirez, that he exposed himself to her at a drunken college party.

On Thursday, Dr. Blasey, who also goes by her married name, Ford, repeated her accusations under oath, including her allegation about Mr. Judge’s role, stating that he was in the room at a suburban Maryland home in the early 1980s when a drunken Judge Kavanaugh pinned her on a bed, grabbed at her body and clothes, and covered her mouth to keep her from screaming.

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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Well that didn’t take long! Looks like Prophet Johnny – is right most of the time! I posted this about 7 AM. Brett knew for over 20 years he had a drinking problem, being, it could STUNT his career. His tears were real, because, he knew he would get caught one day. He knew Ford had him nailed as a DRUNK. Why would he believe the agressive sex would hold him back, considering who nominated him? This is the big story – THE COVER UP AND DENIAL. “Liz Swisher, former Yale classmate of Brett Kavanaugh, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo she never saw Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh be sexually aggressive, but said that he lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee about his drinking habits.

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