Oakland Johnny and Tommy

1966: American actor Clint Eastwood squints while smoking a cigarette between his teeth in a still from director Sergio Leone’s film ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.’ Eastwood wears a wide-brimmed leather hat. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

My best friend Paul Drake took up acting and became a famous Bad Guy in Sudden Impact. We used to drink at The Hut where another friend got shot. One dude tried to shoot me, put a gun to the back of my head, but, it wouldn’t fire. I laughed in his face. He got scared.

Clint Eastwood grew up in Oakland. We attended Glenview Elementary. I would like him to direct ‘The Royal Janitor’………….the story of how a timid woman became a bad ass.

Sudden Impact is a MeToo movie, perhaps the first? However, the focus is not right. Kavanaugh has been accused of gang-raping women.

The first time I realized I had a intimacy – and drinking problem – was waking up hung over and finding a cigar box next to my bed where I put phone numbers of women I met in a bar, but, never called them. Getting drunk was my No.1 goal, because, it gave me courage to approach women.

I met one woman in a bar, took her home, and beheld the most beautiful body I ever saw. As soon as she got in my bed, she appeared to pass out – just as I went to touch her. I stopped. I studied her. I called her name. She was Sleeping Beauty. In the morning she asked me if I fucked her. She said she could not tell.

“Of course I didn’t. You passed out!”

“It would have been O.K. if you had!”

“O.K. with you. But, not for me!”

I realized she had a tragic intimacy problem, that brought me closer to the truth I was a victim of incest. Alcohol is used as a TOOL to get RID OF our inhibitions, that Brett may have had, he saying he was a virgin till after college. The FBI needs to get Kavanaugh drunk, and talk about that. Did Mark Judge try to get his best bud LAID, by taking away his inhibitions?

Oakland Johnny



Sudden Impact is a 1983 American action thriller and the fourth film in the Dirty Harry series, directed by Clint Eastwood (making it the only Dirty Harry film to be directed by Eastwood himself), and starring Eastwood and Sondra Locke.[3] The film tells the story of a gang rape victim (Locke) who decides to seek revenge on the rapists ten years after the attack by killing them one by one. Inspector Callahan (Eastwood) famous for his unconventional and often brutal crime-fighting tactics is tasked with tracking down the serial killer. As Callahan investigates the killings, he becomes romantically entangled with the woman, not knowing that she is responsible for the murders.

The film is notable for the catchphrase, “Go ahead, make my day“, which is uttered by Clint Eastwood’s gun-wielding character in the beginning of the film as he stares down an armed robber who is holding a hostage.

Oakland Tommy

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I just found out my ex-wife lived on College Avenue – IN OAKLAND – with Thomas Pynchon. They lived in a big apartment building  located next to ‘Ye Olde Hut’ where I did a lot of drinking with my friends, including Paul Drake who Mary Ann encouraged to take up acting. Paul claims he based his tough-guy persona on watching me drink, but I believe he is speaking of Richard Swartz who was a bodyguard for Dederich of Synanon. Richard held the world’s record to the fifty yard dash – on his hands!

Mary Ann did illustrations for a rare book about the Symbionese Liberation Army. Her best friend, Joan (who lived right off college) came home for Thanksgiving and found her whole family blown away by the Black Mau Maus. Her father was a CEO of Standard Oil. Patty Hurst was kidnapped from 2803 Benvenue, which is about ten blocks from the Hut. I thought Mary Ann and I were going to be Facebook friends, then she prohibited any more drama. Maybe I will get an Oscar someday – late in my life – when most of my peers are dead, leaving a thousand writers to guess what became of Pynchon? What about Patty? What us olde ones don’t realize, is, that every seven years you get a new generation, thus withholding information from them – is futile!

“Patty who? Pynchon? Doesn’t he own a chain of tiny drive-in coffee huts?”

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