Mark Judge and Kavanaugh

“You do realize you’ve had your last beer. There are no coolers in Federal Prison – or swank bars! Why didn’t you disqualify yourself when President Pussy Grabber nominated you?”

“What are you saying? I can’t have another beer?”

Turn sound off and watch a grown man cry in his beer.

Well that didn’t take long! Looks like Prophet Johnny – is right most of the time! I posted this about 7 AM. Brett knew for over 30 years he had a drinking problem, being, it could STUNT his career. His tears were real, because, he knew he would get caught one day. He knew Ford had him nailed as a DRUNK. Why would he believe the agressive sex would hold him back, considering who nominated him?

This is the big story – THE COVER UP AND DENIAL. As a member of AA, WE ALL cried when we knew we could never have another beer. Brett will be forced to go to AA – if he is lucky. I would put him in the FED lock-up, along with every elected Republican who knew Brett was a DRUNK! This is – THE SWAMP!

Let’s see……..Who protested the loudest, stuck up for Brett, the hardest? Lindsey Graham is more than Brett’s co-dependent and enablers, he is a POLITICAL HACK who doesn’t give a shit about Ford – or any woman who has been abused. The FBI should be all over Mr. Dixieland.

“Liz Swisher, former Yale classmate of Brett Kavanaugh, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo she never saw Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh be sexually aggressive, but said that he lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee about his drinking habits.

Rosamond Press

The Democrats blew it – big time! They concentrated on the attempted rape, and not the dynamics of TWO DRINKING BUDDIES. There is a good reason why Brett and Mark hung and drank together – they always had beer! Where, and how did they get this beer? How did they have the money to buy beer? BEER WAS THEIR BABE BAIT! Young girls like to experiment with getting drunk – for the first time – too! They want bragging rights, also. There is a initiation, a right of passage, for girls – too! They think the word NO will protect them.

Brett and Mark are smart. They knew how to set a Good Trap! This is – JUST LIKE HUNTING! These drunk college dudes are after TROPHIES. This is their favorite sport. Being BEST FRIENDS, they competed with one another. They swapped stories – and had a good laugh! I…

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