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The Labyrinth.

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The battle over my attempt to author Christine and my SOBER BIOGRAPHY is epic. Both our attempts to TELL OUR STORY has been viciously attacked by people at the very top, and the very bottom. If I was running for the Dog Catcher of Springfield, Kim Hafner, and her main accomplice, would have done all they could to bring me down.  They thought their evil work was going to be that much easier when I titled myself a ‘Prophet’ and, perhaps the Second Coming? Why not ‘America’s Messiah’?

What is going on in the Democracy, is evangelical leaders have turned Jesus into ‘Your Personal Muse’. If you have no talent or brains, just throw King Jesus at your perceived enemy, who has to be a intellectual, a reader of secular books, a painter of non-religious objects, and a hater of Saint Paul (my requirement in order to be a true…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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