Carrie, Eizabeth Rosemond, and John

Christine Rosamond Presco-Benton died on her first sober birthday. We are kin to Carrie Fisher and Elizabeht Rosemond Tayor. These three women are in my family tree. All four of us got sober. Nothing else matters. “I am looking for descendants of Philip Rosemond and Moses Morton Rosemond
who lived in Guernsey County, OH in the mid-1800s. This family descended
from a James Rosemond who lived in County Leitrim, Ireland in the early
1700s. Other members of this same family settled in Lanark, Ontario, Canada.
The southern Rosamond family is also said to be descended from this same
family, as are the Rosamond families in Australia and New Zealand. I am
trying to tie all the branches of the family together. The information on
the family in Guernsey County, OH is shown below. I’d appreciate hearing
from anyone who has any information regarding this family.
The reference for the earlier generations of this family is the booklet “The
History of the Rosemond Family” by Leland Eugene Rosemond, 1939.
Descendants of Moses Morton Rosemond

Rosamond Press


Carrie Fisher is in the Peerage due to her kinship to Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. These two actresses are in the Rosamond/Benton family tree. The world famous female artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, married Garth Benton, the cousin of the famous artist, Thomas Hart Benton, the grandson of Senator Thomas Hart Benton, whose two daughters held salons in Paris and San Francisco. Mark Twain was a frequent guest of Jessie Benton Fremont whose husband, John, co-founded the Republican Party, and blazed the Oregon Trail. His sister-in-law, Susan, gave birth to the famous artist, Philip Boileau, whose beautiful portraits of beautiful women are precursers to the work of Rosamond. Christine did not know this work. She died not knowing she shared a great, great, grandfather with Liz Taylor, who was conceived in the creative house belonging to the world famous artist, Augusta John, whose granddaughter, Talitha, married Getty. The Getty’s are great…

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