Slanderers and Gossip Mongers

Kim Hafner engaged in Character Assassination knowing her mother and father, Jack Hafner, had a great interest in the Alumni of the High School the Hafner’s went to.  I informed Sue Hafner Kim was reading Tom Snyder’s book when she called. Kim had it two weeks. Surely Sue was curious. Did she call Kim and ask about what she read so far. Whose idea was it to make contact with my daughter, Heather Hanson?

I suspect the Hafner’s felt threatened because they were the big shots on campus. I talked to the Alumni. Were they interested in protecting Garth Benton’s reputation, because he was THEIR FAMOUS ALUMNI? If so, this is a profound story, a movie in itself.

This is why Kim said she gave me Snyder’s book, unread. She and her parents did not want her and I to compare notes and the Hefner’s hear any negative things about Garth. This makes me suspect there is another biography in the works. If so, the Hafners are spying on me, getting more information for this book. I sent Alisa an e-mail on June 23, 2017 informing her there is a biography of the Bentons.  Did Alisa contact the Hafners? Kim has my book at this time. Sounds like an attempted hi-jacking. How can the Reseda High Alumni prevent any damage being done to their beloved Benton, the sane Benton, who was tormented by Witch Christine!

I took my idea for a T.V. series ‘Kimbo and Wade’ to the Hafners. Kim and Meghan told me Sue would object to some of the words. She did not like the writing on the shirt. I suspect she went on a Mission From God to rescue her family and Garth from the clutches of a Heathen Acid Head. In other words……….She went Jack Webb on me! This will make a great sitcom! Let’s title it………’The Webb’.

“The Ken Kesey mural was the last straw for Suzie and Jack Webb. Their ministers was in a rage, he jumping up and down as he let go a stream of consciousness – with slideshow! Leaning over his pulpit, he looks into the faces of his sheep, and snarls……..

Will anyone rid me of that mural?”

Suzie and Jack twist their heads and are giving each other The Look they were famous for since High School. When the ROTC building caught fire, this famous hippie couple were the first on the scene. Three days later, they found Jesus.

When Kim Hafner’s other weener dog, Daisy, died, I wrote a replacement, Witzelina, that I showed to Kim who was very depressed. I encouraged her to get another dog. She stabs me in the back. Did she betray me for money?

John Presco

Copyright 2018

John Ambrose <>
‎Jun‎ ‎23‎, ‎2017 at ‎11‎:‎02‎ ‎AM
Hi Alisa
My ex-brother-in-law went to Reseda High. He was an actor and an artist married to my sister Christine Rosamond, a world famous artist. A bio was written about the Bentons. Here is my blog;
John Presco
541 653-8923

“Two weeks ago I gave Kim my copy of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ to read. When she is done, we will compare notes. I asked her to mark the pages where something smelled fishy. Kimbo and Wade are on the case of Killer Rogue Wave! We are going to study Garth’s words, and hidden agendas that I explore in another movie idea ‘Anatomy of a Rogue Wave’.

“Yesterday, Sue Hafner, returned my call. I had just discovered that Garth Benton (Paul Garfield Benton) went to Reseda High School, and graduated in 1959. Two months ago I was at Sue and Jack’s home looking at family photos, and the 1958 yearbook, because Sue had graduated in 1958 from Reseda High. I was going to help her with a story about her grandfather, Maynard, a renowned pole vaulter. Jack Webb was at his wedding.

As it turns out, the actress, Merry Anders, played police woman, Dorothy Miller, in the series Dragnet, and, co-starred in the movie with Garth Benton, who played Buddy ‘Raiders From Beneath The Sea. Merry starred in ‘The Hypnotic Eye’ and ‘The Beauty and the Beast’. This makes Garth the most famous graduate of Reseda High.”


Witzelina: from……..

Kimbo and Wade


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

When Kimbo met Wetzelina, it was love at first sight. Wade had brought her to the Springtucky Tug of War and Fried Chicken contest. The Fire Department won that year. But, the Police Department won the Godzilla Run – for adults. When Witzelina spotted Kimbo she wiggled out of Wade’s arms and ran up to her. She tried to bark, but nothing came out.

“What happened to your dogs bark?” Kimbo asked as she picked up this wire-haired Duschand, and gave it warm cuddly hugs.

“She lost her voice in the raid on the Mendoza Cartel. We had to use a lot of tear gas. They were a large family. On top of that, I think she was traumatized. She has seen a lot of crime and mayhem. I know she wants to talk about it, but, she can’t. Did I tell you I was a horse-whisperer after I dropped out of Harvard and went to work at the Pendleton Round-up?

All of a sudden Witzelina spotted the toy chicken hanging from Kimbo’s purse, took hold of it, and began to make it squeak. Then there was a avalanche of squeaks that went on for five minutes. Kimbo squealed with delight!

On June 12 I connected my story ‘Kimbo and Wade’ with the Hypnotic Eye. Kim Hafner is my model for Kimbo, which is Kim’s nickname. Kim lives downstairs with Daisy, who is the model of Witzelina. The synchronicity is amazing! Merry might be the first T.V. police woman.  Sue was not happy when she saw the words on the T-Shirt Kimbo was wearing. She is the New Detective who will change the game again.

As an amazing coincidence, Christine and I had a falling out in front of her second husband, Rick Partlow, who was a good friend, Bruce Fairbairn, who was present. Bruce was one of the stars of ‘The Rookie’. Rick was a co-star in a movie.

“Partlow-Rosamond ENCINO A garden ceremony at the home of Mrs. Christine Rosamond united her and Richard Partlow. a television personality. Mrs. Rosamond is the daughter of Mrs. Rosemary Miles, also of Encino, and Vic Presco of San Francisco. The bridgegroom’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kalina of North Hollywood. The bride was attended by her sister. Mrs. Vicki Prather. and Miss Shannon Sidle was also a member of the wedding parly for which Bruce Fairbairn served as best man. A reception followed the ceremony.”

Two weeks ago I gave Kim my copy of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ to read. When she is done, we will compare notes. I asked her to mark the pages where something smelled fishy. Kimbo and Wade are on the case of Killer Rogue Wave! We are going to study Garth’s words, and hidden agendas that I explore in another movie idea ‘Anatomy of a Rogue Wave’.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

EXTRA! I just talked to Alisa who is in charge of the RH yearbooks. She knew Garth. She drove down to Long Beach with him to meet up with his HS Flame, Eija Riitta Heninonen, who was a foreign exchange student. Wow! What a dish! Did Merry Anders remind Garth of his Finish Flame? Did she fire-up his Bohemian Ways, he wanting a more exotic and erotic lifestyle? Did Christine and Garth have fights over her, because she messed him up when she rejected him?

Julie Lynch Lies For Pierrot

The ghost writer, Julie Lynch, claims she interviewed Christine Rosamond’s kindergarten teacher for her book about my sister. Julie claims a famous producer bought the rights to her bullshit that defames members of my family. Did she read Snyder’s defamation of character – that destroys a woman artist?

How dare that fucking Art Witch send her MISPELLED fraud to Rosamond’s fans. The legal battle Shannon fought in court went on for ten years. How many misspelled, or, omitted words are there in these costly documents? NONE!

Pierrot’s Ghost Writer Invents Fake School Teacher

Stacey Pierrot is guilty of attempted Art Forgery, when she alleged ‘Dunkin the Frog’ was painted by Christine Rosamond Benton. Faulkner’s biography may also have been a forgery because she claims she had interviews with Christine. Art forgery is the creating and selling of works of art which are falsely credited to other, usually more famous artists. Art forgery can be extremely lucrative, but modern dating and analysis techniques have made the identification of forged artwork much simpler.

I demand Faulkner make public the notes of the alleged interview with my sister. I demand Vicki Presco and Shamus Dundon take a lie detector test to prove they are not lying about what happened at Rocky Point.

An art forger must be at least somewhat proficient in the type of art he is trying to imitate. Many forgers were once fledging artists who tried, unsuccessfully, to break into the market, eventually resorting to forgery. Sometimes, an original item is borrowed or stolen from the owner in order to create a copy. Forgers will then return the copy to the owner, keeping the original for himself. In 1799, a self portrait by Albrecht Dürer which had hung in the Nuremberg Town Hall since the 16th century, was loaned to Abraham Wolfgang Küfner (de). The painter made a copy of the original and returned the copy in place of the original. The forgery was discovered in 1805, when the original came up for auction and was purchased for the royal collection.

Rosamond Press




atyler_painting44Stacey Pierrot hired Julie Lynch to author another book about my late sister, Christine Rosamond. Pierrot employs most of the beautiful images Rosamond rendered in her lifetime that my nieces now have the copyright to. Pierrot captured these mages when she captured my nine year old niece, while at the same time rejecting my niece Shannon, who was a 28 year old ADULT when her mother drowned. Drew being a child was employed by Belford and Pierrot as the reason they had to intervene and become Drew’s CARETAKER, so she could realize monies from the sale of Rosamond prints. Shannon Rosamond tried to run the gallery, but Garth Benton’s attorney made Shannon’s attorney out to be dangerous and threatening. Robin Beare refused to meet with him lest Stimic attack her. Shannon told me to be careful.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    On June 11, 2020 I went to the office to reualify as a resident in a low-cost housing unit. I talked to Silver about how we got Clark off the carport with the help of two of my neighbors. On the floor I noticed a bowl of water. In the last two years I noticed there was water and food put out for Colt and Clark, two cats I and others bonded with. Both cats would take walks with me around the block. Many people have seen this. How could they not concluded we had a close bond. What confused them was why they were allowed to go free. If I cared I would keep them inside, they surmised. Twice Kim Haffner took Colt and I to see Doctor B. He told us that once a cat roams free, it is impossible to keep them in. I spent $200 dollars on shots and medicine. The question is, why did Krista, her boyfriend, and Lisa, come on so negatively towards me and my relationship with Clark. I have conversed with them very little. I suspect the three of them have taken Kim’s side in the feud we are having. Why are four adults using a innocent cat to win their case against me? One factor is, they have read my negative posts on evangelicals. What they are engaged in is a Hate Crime. They are conspiring to deny me the basic rights and privileges others enjoy. Many people have shown concern for Clark and Colt, and have not been harassed, made to feel they should move, and if I protest – they will disappear the cats!

    On this day, I put all four people in the racist camp of my brother, Mark Presco, who worked with the biographer hostile to me to commit Art Fraud, and just plain fraud, which is a crime. Also I feared the Haffners contacted Stacey Pierrot who hired ghost writers. There is a movie script. There are not books and scripts on The Four Nobodies who are stalking me. I suspect their loyalty to King Jesus bids them to be members of his holy army against his opponents.

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