The Chicken Police

I shared my idea for a T.V. series with Sue Hafner, and Kim Hafner. Kim was aware of the rival biography Tom Snyder wrote because I gave her my copy to read, stating she get’s to be Kimbo, her nickname she gave me permission to use. Why would she attack my credibility if there is a chance she might be famous? Did she get a better offer? To claim she did not read ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ by Tom Snyder, after having this book in her possession for almost a month, is very suspicious. Why is this fat pig so intent on claiming she did not put the dog-ears in that book? I suspect she is going to use the info from that book, and combine it with my blogs on the subject matter that are copyrighted.

John Presco

Copyright 2018

Rosamond Press

When Wadsworth and Kimbo’s squad car was sabotaged by toothpicks broken off in the locks, they mosbyed over to the impound yard to borrow a car for the day. That’s when Wadsworth T. Shingletown spotted ‘The Chicken Wagon’.

‘Hey Kimbo. Check this ride out. This is the old relic from the Swap Meet Pickers Fair they had out there on Highway 99 last year. There was a shootout over a big bundled deal gone bad. The guy who drove this, was the last man standing. See the bullet holes? He almost made it to Eugene, but, having bled out, he crashed through the fence onto the driving range at Fidel’s Green, where he was unmercifully pelted with golf balls, until they realized the driver was dead. I tell you, there are some mean golfers in the Emerald Valley! Two of them threw their golf clubs away, for good, and got into therapy.”

KIMBO “Yep! That’s what I…

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