Slanderers and Gossip Mongers

On June 11, 2020 I went to the office to requalify as a resident in a low-cost housing unit. I talked to Silver about how we got Clark off the carport with the help of two of my neighbors. On the floor I noticed a bowl of water. In the last two years I noticed there was water and food put out for Colt and Clark, two cats I and others bonded with. Both cats would take walks with me around the block. Many people have seen this. How could they not concluded we had a close bond. What confused them was why they were allowed to go free. If I cared I would keep them inside, they surmised. Twice Kim Haffner took Colt and I to see Doctor B. He told us that once a cat roams free, it is impossible to keep them in. I spent $200 dollars on shots and medicine.

The question is, why did Krista, her boyfriend, and Lisa, come on so negatively towards me and my relationship with Clark. I have conversed with them very little. I suspect the three of them have taken Kim’s side in the feud we are having. Why are four adults using a innocent cat to win their case against me? One factor is, they have read my negative posts on evangelicals. What they are engaged in – is a Hate Crime. They are conspiring to deny me the basic rights and privileges others enjoy. Many people have shown concern for Clark and Colt, and have not been harassed, made to feel they should move, and if I protest – they will disappear the cats!

On this day, I put all four people in the racist camp of my brother, Mark Presco, who worked with the biographer hostile to me to commit Art Fraud, and just plain fraud, which is a crime. Also I feared the Haffners contacted Stacey Pierrot who hired ghost writers. There is a movie script. There are no books and scripts on The Four Nobodies who are stalking me. I suspect their loyalty to King Jesus bids them to be members of his holy army against his opponents. People in high places are suggesting Trump is using religion to defeat his enemies in the coming election. Evangelicals are still overlooking his blatant racism that has dived our Nation.

John Presco

Rosamond Press

Kim Hafner engaged in Character Assassination knowing her mother and father, Jack Hafner, had a great interest in the Alumni of the High School the Hafner’s went to.  I informed Sue Hafner Kim was reading Tom Snyder’s book when she called. Kim had it two weeks. Surely Sue was curious. Did she call Kim and ask about what she read so far. Whose idea was it to make contact with my daughter, Heather Hanson?

I suspect the Hafner’s felt threatened because they were the big shots on campus. I talked to the Alumni. Were they interested in protecting Garth Benton’s reputation, because he was THEIR FAMOUS ALUMNI? If so, this is a profound story, a movie in itself.

This is why Kim said she gave me Snyder’s book, unread. She and her parents did not want her and I to compare notes and the Hefner’s hear any negative things about…

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