My Brother The Racist Villain

Mark Presco owned the same top secret clearance the President owns. He worked on the Shuttle flights, and made machine of war. We have not spoken in since 2000. He hates my treatment of James Bond because it is interracial.

I wrote the above, and then googled Blofeld and read this……..

It is commonly believed that the name Blofeld was inspired by the English cricket commentator Henry Blofeld‘s father, with whom Fleming went to school.[4] Henryoffered on the BBC Radio 4 series Just a Minute that “Ian took my father’s name as the name of the baddie.”[5]

I was bowled over, because in my movie ‘The Royal Janitor’ I plan to have the voice of Peter Alliss do much narrative explaining real history and plot. Peter is the voice inside the head of Sir Peter Arthur Swinburne who is poised to hear Victory Bond do a art therapy freak-out as she executes another sculpture. She is trying to get in touch with her roots that were deliberately concealed from her. Her maid-mother died with the truth.

An hour ago I posted on the facebook of the father of my grandson, Ryan Hunt, and told him I have saved James Bond who is in our family tree, via Ian Fleming. Ryan, my daughter, and my whole family have blackballed me, and are given me the silent treatment. I was going to post on my brother, telling them they have empowered my brother, and given him total victory over me, when I realized his three sons, my nephews are my Heirs. They, and millions of Filipino and Japanese people will be able to associate with Victoria Bond, and the Bohemian Asian history I put forth. This is a very large family. For generation they will google Mark Presco, and find me. They will find the family light in the darkness. I am in their family tree. They are in my family tree, that anoints Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, as the Axis Mundi of this amazing Rose Bush.

Cian Presco changed his last name to O’Brian, and became a Catholic. Cian O’Brian. Mark, nor Cian knew we are kind to Liz Tayor, the Rosenbergs, and Schwarzenbergs. I will be promoting the bond between the Philippines and the Czech Republic.

It is said a James Bond book and movie is as good as the villain is bad. My brother threw my out of the family, and excommunicated me when I refused to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement Tom Snyder sent me, that would not have not allowed me to publish anything about our late sister, the world famous artist, Rosamond, that is demonized in Snyder’s book. It is said, art immitates life. Ian Fleming was a real agent. I now know he is working through me. He is The Announcer from another dimension, intent on saving the world – for real!

John Presco 007

Copyright 2018

The Philippines has signed the Agreement on Cooperation in the Fields of Culture, Education, Science and Sports in 2013. Deputy Prime Minister Schwarzenberg visited Manila as both countries prepare to commemorate the 40th anniversary of their formal bilateral relations in 2013.[1]

The Department of National Defense signed the establishment of Joint Defense Commission with the Czech Republic on May 26, 2014.

The Czech Republic is the Philippines 24th largest export market and the 8th biggest in Europe with bilateral trade amounting to $300 million from January to November in the year 2011.[2]


“Mud People”

Vicki told me Mark Presco disowned his son, Cean Presco, because he married a Filipino, who born him two sons he refuses to acknowledge, or behold.“I refuse to be the grandfather of mud people.”

Vic Presco was a neo-Nazi and a Racist, who named his first born after the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Captain Vic told me he wished he was born during the height of the Roman Slave Empire. He admitted he did not love Rosemary when he married her.

“Why then did you marry her?” I asked.
“She had good secretary skills. I wanted to found a family business.”
“Is this why you had so many children?”

When Bill Cornwell and my daughter called me a “parasite” I began to suspect he was a racist. The photo of him throwing the bird surrounded by his tough guys, suggests Bill does not like illegal aliens. The Mexican population in Santa Rosa is exploding. Bill and his father no doubt blame the liberal Democrats. The Cornwells have their roots in Vallejo.

Hitler, the greatest Narccisist of all time, also admired the Roman Empire and modeled the Third Reich on an the Slave Masters that destroyed the temple in Jerusalem. Hitler kidnapped children and put them to work in Nazi slave camps. Mark asked me to include exerts of his racist rant in my buigraphy of a world famous artist.

Art Therapy – With Orange Parade

Has it been six months since I had my vision of Victoria Bond’s Orange parade, that I was reluctant to post on Royal Rosamond Press, for free, because God is on the verge of allowing me a payday? There’s the question of the age! I just read a Bond movie might make a billion and half dollars. No wonder there have been so many lame mind games. Not every Christian is going to be Raptured up. I will direct you to a discussion site, when I find the time.

If I relate my vision, then no way would my story ‘The Royal Janitor’ ever be made into a movie. However, I just found out the Pope is coming to Ireland, and minds are being opened. Many are concluding things can’t go on the way they are. Loss of trust is the Great Bug-a-boo!

Where’s Mark Presco?







scan0025In my novel ‘The Gideon Compter’ I have my hero. Berkeley Bill Bolagard, captured by a malevolent computer designed by his rival for Monica’s affections, Thomas Gideon, a Catholic, who realizes there are billions of snippets of guilt we humans are evading. If only they could be strung together and stored in the Vault of Shame, our souls would be captured in a labyrinth of despair from which we would never escape. To make sure his labyrinth was air-tight, he needed to capture the greatest Artful Dodger of them all, his nemesis, Berkeley Bill, the last Hippie on earth.

“Don’t lay your guilt-trip on me!”

Thomas has a Pope of two in his family genealogy, and is the un-sung King of the Shame-based planet. Tom is the only one who does not need an alibi because he is the designer of the labyrinth he drops lost souls into. He is the Papal Bull. He is a………GOD!

I began this novel in 1986, and worked on it at the same time I was authoring Elfin. I got sober when I realized I was seeing into the future. All the information above was once on the rosy world web.

In April of 2011 I was informed my aunt Lillian Molnar was dead by an attorney that was handling the Rice Trust. He wanted to distribute $310,000 thousand dollars to my kindred who had excommunicated me. One of them is Randy Molnar who proves alien photos are fakes. Mark, is godless. Now that I have connected them to the Windsors, they can not ignore me – especially when I reveal the neglected source of the Grail Legends. You can say this on my Vita……..”Fiunder of the Holy Grail”. And I let go a hardy laugh!

I threatened to make trouble for my kindred, and informed the attorney my brother is an Artful Tax Dodger and this is why he gave his money to Vicki. I didn’t get it. Mark was furious when Christine, a world famous artist, did not pay back the $3,000 dollars he lent her, but, here he gives our surviving sister, $25,000 dollars. I suspect this gift put my brother ‘The King of Lurkers’ on the Fed radar.

When Mark worked at Hugh’s aircraft, he had the same Top Secret clearance as our President. He was a weapons designer. He also worked on the Space Shuttle.

After my threat, I get a call from Vicki who says off the top;

“We are the only ones left.”

Vicki tells me Mark and she had a huge fight, and our brother has cut off all communication with his family. Vicki says she is sorry for putting me out in the cold. I call for a family reunion to bring the others who have survived the tyranny of Doctor Death, to come out of the cold – into the light!

So, I sign the document that releases money to my kindred, and head for Bullhead City. As fate would have my daughter, Heather Hanson, has bonded with Beer Breath Bill, who along with his father, is out to bust all the hippies left standing. I had to fire Heather as my Trustee aftershe said I was a parasite.

Wondering why Vicki never give me a call, not on Thanksgiving, or Christmas, I got arround to reading the fine print. I read this, and knew I had been duped, lied to, and used once again.

“7. The Trustee will make the above-stated distribution upon receit of ALL of the beneficiaries written consents or on April 26, 2011.”

My brother is not lost, or in hiding. I hear his chortal from deep within the dark labyrinth. Mark is the Death of Beauty. He will try to put a virus in my blog, or get it shut down, but, he gave me permission to author a biography about Christine Rosamond – for the sake of the Heirs, or, the One Heir he favored, whom he judged worthy of inheriting an artistic legacy he knows I founded.

Mark Presco has no artistic gifts. Every time we touch a computer key, we strum a thread in his evil web. What need of we of cunning aliens from outerspace, when Mark Presco in on the job, condemening all but a few for being parasites on his planet. Mark is ‘The Exterminator’ for it was his plan that we kill off all the suriving males after the world has ended, before we rape the surviving women, the daughters of dead men who can not protect them. Mark presented this idea while a vido played in the background, he showing me what he did at work. It was a mock tank battle with deadly gas. Patrice and Heather titled me “crazy” after I told them to stay away from my family. Bill Cornwell and Mark are two peas in a pod.

Marilyn compares me ‘The Tracker’ because I can read genealogies from a place after death.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

Heather Hanson could care less about my family history and did not inform Bill I was going to Bullhead City in order to put our creative legacy back in our Family Tree. Bill was on vacation, and he having a good time was paramont to Heather. For being my Trustee for a year, and purchasing about ten items, my daughter charge me $955. When she threw me under the bus she made a case that I deserved it because I was insane – and a parasite.
To know my daughter left mmy camp and put herself and my grandson in the evil racist camp of Vic and Mark Presco, is the greatest disapointment of my life. Her lover’s racisim is child’s play compared to Victor and Marcus. The Narccisist, Emperor Caligula, put a naked statue of himself in the temple, in the Holy of Holies.

“Payment of Fees for Trustee Services. Heather paid herself $310.00 for her hours on June 14, 2011; $275.00 on July 11, 2011; $108.33 through end of July, 2011; $52.00 for August, September & October 2011; $40.00 January 2012; $170.00 February through May 2012. Total she received $955.33 for her management of the Trust. A log of her hours is included in the scanned and attached materials.”

Jon Presco

On Race


First let me apologize in advance for the insults that will be heaped upon you all. The politically correct method we have been using is not solving the race problem. It is not my intention to denigrate anyone, but no effort will be made to spare anyone’s feelings, including white people.

I will depart from my usual method and write in the first person because it is a highly subjective story of a white man who has journeyed from being optimistic about race relations to an overt racist. This is because I have come to the inescapable conclusion that everyone is a racist and the only ones that seem to be made to feel guilty about this are white people. Well, no more.

Finally, I have concluded that there is no solution for the race problem at this time. We need a separation, a divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. I shall attempt prove this.

The Basic Dilemma

How do we treat people, as individuals or groups? I believe there is a basic difference between the thinking of white people and the other races on this issue. This will be discussed in detail in the next section.

Since this paper is on race the focus is, by definition, on groups. I will make sweeping generalizations about the various races. You will think up individual exceptions to them. This does not negate them. You need to put forth more correct generalizations.

I maintain that the culture a people create absolutely and totally reflects the content of the character of the people who create it. The differences between the races are far more than skin deep, and those differences are reflected in the cultures they create. I reject all of the politically correct reasons for these differences. It is not a matter of geographical luck, having the right plants, animals or other resources. The ridiculous theories of people like Jared Diamond don’t adequately explain how the cultures became different, and they absolutely don’t explain why so many cultures have remained more or less the same after hundreds of years of globalization.

So what we’re really talking about here is a clash of cultures, but since my theories about culture are race based, I am a racist. I make judgments about people in light of their culture.

White Culture

White men, more than any race, including white women, are highly oriented toward individualism. This is why individual rights and freedoms, and democracies are more prevalent and successful in white cultures. But what makes white cultures work is individual responsibility. Every white man is expected to provide for himself and his family and can expect little help from any other white men. Those who cannot do this have no status in the white community. Oh sure, we work together to build roads and cities and the proverbial barn raisings that are clearly too big for one man to handle. But each white man is expected to create his own wealth.

Almost all other cultures are tribal in nature. By tribal I mean that they are basically extended families, and their economies are based on sharing. All members born into the tribe can expect his or her rightful place in the tribe and fair share of the tribal wealth. In a tribal culture a man gains status by sharing his wealth. The problem is, tribal cultures don’t create wealth. When you are expected to share your wealth you soon lose all incentive to create it.

In a white culture a man gains status by amassing wealth. Because he is expected to create his own wealth he gets to keep it. This provides incentive to create more wealth. This is the reason white cultures are so fabulously wealthy. Yes, Bill Gates got some flak for not doing more for charity but no one expects him to give away his billions. The wealthy people in white culture hold high status.

When Bill Cornwell called me up and told me I was truamatizing his lover, and, because I was a parasite I was on the verge of losing my family, I heard the captain down in my War Code Room, say with a grin;

“Uh oh! Daddys home!”

These are words I often applied to my brother, Mark, when he came home from a hard day at school. Once in the door, he was the Good Child, the Perfect Child, Mommies Little Helper – The Man of the House! The best thing that anyone did for Mark, was provide him with the Perfect Scapegoat when Rosemary born me, her second child. For gifting Mark with a whipping boy, Mark was expected to support Rosemary in her old age.

“Mark is exempt from work so he can study. He’s going to be electronic engineer someday and be a millionaire. However, just to be fair, Marks main task is to change all burned out lightbulbs. Stand up my Good Son and receive you honorary lightbulb changing oven mitten!

Now Greg, why are standing around glomming on to your brothers glory. Get in that kitchen and serve my Little Man his supper!”

“Yesum Ms. Presco!”

When Mark was sixteen he carved out a swastika and a Nazi giving a salute in his friends shop, and hung his Superman over his bed. Mark titled ma a parasite on society because I wanted to be an artist. We stopped eating at the table as a family after Vic was ousted from power, because he conducted Food Abuse. One day, I must write on this topic and appear on a talk show. Food Abuse did not end with King Victor.

One day as we sat watching T.V. eating the dinner I cooked, I tapped on my half-empty glass of milk.

“Execure me! I want to make a Family announcement! I am proud to say that this morning in home room, I stopped standing to salute the flag and pledge allegiance to the flag, because this is pure propaganda, and preparation for the Military. Because my ambition is to be what I am, an Artist and a Man of Peace, then I do not want ,nor do seek, anyone’s approval but my own! Thank you! Now return to the delicious meal I have prepared!”

“I’ve had it!” Mark growled; as he put his tray aside and rush towards me. Standing over me he is screaming till he is red in the face;

“Youre never going to make any money as an artist. No one makes any money as an artist, thus you are a parasite on society. You’ll never amount to anything. You are a leach! A LEACH!”

“You’re the leach. You don’t do shit around here. I want your lightbulb changer job. I want you to go into the kitchen and see if you can whip us up some desert for a change!”

Mark grabs my tray and heaves it to the floor, the glass of milk all the way empty now. I rise up with a right-cross to his jaw, and he throws a left. I throw a series of jabs, and he goes into his whirlwind attack, his head down, his arms spinning like a dervish. I looked for AN opening, AND WITH AN with an upper -cut – Down goes Fraser!

The reason why HBO or SHOWTIME should turn this blog into a Series, is it is the Genesis of cultural Warfare in America. The Presco are the Real McCoys.

When my daughter parroted Bill’S belief that I was a parasite, and thus must be removed from the New and Latest Family Order, I disowned her, put her out of my life, because it broke my heart to see this EXTREME ABUSE of the Family Scapegoat being championed by my own flesh and blood.

I told Heather as she read from the New Nazi Manifesto, that Bill sounds just like Mark.

“You should have Bill read Mark’s essays. Bill will say he has been cheated, by I being your father, and not Mark!”

To know that Mark 2 will have a strong influence on my grandson, is a real defeat, a reversal of all I have tried to do.

Above is a photo of Mark sticking his chest out – like a real man! My uncle Dick is egging him on! Dick lew over sixty bombing missions over Germany. There is a big scar on his chin and cheek when shrapnel flew into the cockpit. When Heather said I was that much more of parasite because I did not serve in the military, I asked;

“Did Bill serve?”

“No,but he wanted to. That’smore then what you wanted to do!”

Uncle Dick and Lillian believed Vic when he declared I was not his son. Marked, smirked when he herd the good news. Getting a job at eighteeen, he moved out, but, never returned with one bag of gorceries, nor did he take his mother to dinner – every! This is because we were a Tribal System, and a martiarchy.

Here is part of Mark’s essay that declares all races not white, as parasite, and pretty much declares all women, parasites. Now that Mark sees that he has like minded folks in the family again, he might come out of hiding and bounce Tyler on his knee – because the Real Family DAddy – is back!

Needless to say, I was the family Jew.

Jon Presco

The Problem With The Women’s Movement

The Woman’s Movement is based on two entirely false premises. The first is that “Women have been oppressed and sexually exploited by Men”. This is just the opposite of what is really true. Women enjoy a privileged position in this society and have been making a living sexually exploiting Men for the last five million years. The second is that “Women want sexual equality”. This is the last thing Women want. It should be clear to even the most casual observer that Women have no intention of giving up a single privilege or prerogative or being Female, nor have they. All traditional Female privileges and prerogatives are intact and Women have no intention of giving them up no matter how much they screech about sexual equality out of the other side of Their face. The Women’s Movement has degenerated into a group of spoiled rotten Females demanding to be even more spoiled rotten than they already are.

What do Women want? This can be defined by be phrase coined by the Women’s Movement, “Having it all”, and can be taken literally. Women want all the privileges and prerogatives of both sexes; and the duties, responsibilities and disadvantages of neither. The first thing the Women’s Movement did was disavow all traditional Female responsibilities. Women no longer are required to cook, sew, clean house or be responsible for any of the duties traditionally assigned to Women. Currently there are no obligations that Women feel bound to perform, especially the ones traditionally undertaken by Men. Men, on the other hand, have not shirked any of Their traditional responsibilities; including protecting, defending and providing for Women and Their Children.

6. And above all, white people do not have to tolerate becoming minorities our own countries and cultures as the non-achieving races of the world decide that the only chance they have of attaining a better quality of life is to elbow their way into white cultures, dump themselves on white people and demand that white people provide them a quality of life they cannot provide themselves in their own countries and cultures.

Most white people will think I am cold and heartless. They feel guilty that they have so much and so many others have so little. They want to help alleviate the suffering of the poor people of the world. But I warn you, you can only help them help themselves, and if they cannot do it for themselves there is little you can do. If you continue to subsidize the population explosion of these non-achieving races they will turn your culture into their culture and you will watch your children suffer the same low quality of life as theirs.

The most important thing you can do for them now is to stop the population explosion of these “poor” people. The sheer numbers are keeping them poor and “enslaving” them as cheap labor.

t should be clear by now that black Americans enjoy a much higher quality of life than they have earned. But they still see themselves as victims because they are not provided with economic parity to white people and they hate us for it. This is irrational because white people don’t do this for each other as explained above. Statistically there are twice as many poor white people than black people, but these poor whites don’t seem to get the same attention.

I will now make the case that black people are the real victimizers in this country. I will use negative racial stereotypes which if not entirely accurate reflect the way black people are perceived in this country.

The first victims of black people are their own children. Blacks have a higher birthrate than whites, 70% of their children are born to unwed mothers and get little help from their fathers. There is a very high infant mortality rate. They know these children are going to grow up in the mean streets of the black communities. They don’t care because I believe too many of them try to use their children to retire on the welfare system. If they want a raise they drop another one. These children are raised to believe they are victims of white oppressors.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    There can be no darker villain then a brother who puts and keeps his brother in the dark, then takes evil delight as he loses his way, loses his place in the family, for, OUR TRUE HISTORY HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED BY A HATER OF HUMANITY. Mark does not even love money. His lifeling hatred of me, and all I stand for, has been his greatest pleasure.

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