Mark, Racist Villain, Hater of Art

There can be no darker villain then a brother who puts and keeps his brother in the dark, then takes evil delight as he loses his way, loses his place in the family, for, OUR TRUE HISTORY HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED BY A HATER OF HUMANITY. Mark does not even love money. His lifelong hatred of me, and all I stand for, has been his greatest pleasure.

Vicki told me five years ago that Mark Presco would call and give her lengthy lessons – and then quiz her.  With Christine and I out of the way, alas he had the soap box he longed for. He made sure he never NEEDED his family by gathering money and success unto himself. He never gave us any of us money. He never took our mother to dinner. Like most all human beings, he needed a family. He declared I did not need a family. He treated me LIKE A GUEST at our sister’s funeral. He knew MY FAMILY HISTORY was coming to an end. He knew a ghost writer was waiting in the wings.  Mark told me he leant Christine $3,000 dollars and was considering filing a claim. When I asked him why he did not contribute to Christine’s biography, he said;

“I couldn’t think of anything nice to say about her!”

Mark was not happy when my daughter came into my life when she was sixteen. He did not call and congratulate me, or call when I became a grandfather. He was worried in his dark way I would get some family history – back! When the world learns why our sister died, how she died, and why there was a cover-up, the world will behold a monster. The Art World, will behold their No.1 Enemy!

I wonder if Trump read Mark’s blog.

I have overcome! I am – free! My family……….is with me!

John Presco

“Further, Women think that they alone are to be the ones that will define the future roles and relationships of Men and Women. It is time Men stopped silently taking the criticism and verbal abuse of Females and begin telling Women what is to be expected of them if they are to achieve equal status in the traditional Male milieu. The work place has been invented by Men to be implemented by Men in order to meet Their age old obligation of protecting, defending and providing for Women and Their Children. Most Male aggression is channelled here and much of the definition of being a Male is defined here. It has never been a place of fairness and equality and it has been a long hard road to civilize the work place to this extent and We still have a long way to go. It will not change just because Women, or most Men for that matter, want it to. The civilization of the work place has long and bloody history and We still have far to go.

A lifetime of listening to this; a lifetime of listening to black people try to blame it all on white people; a lifetime of listening to black people hold white people responsible for everything, hold themselves responsible for nothing; and a lifetime of listening to black people try to paint me as a white man to be their own personal white devil has left me with no sympathy for black people, no respect for black people and no desire to live with black people.

It seems to me that the entire Hispanic race has determined that the only chance they have of attaining any kind of quality of life is to elbow their way into this country, dump themselves on white people and demand that white people provide them a quality of life they cannot provide themselves in their own countries and cultures. This must be case since any U.S. citizen who objects to this illegal migration is called a racist in the shrillest manner possible. There can be no doubt that this accusation is aimed directly at white people.

It is remarkable to me how similarly to black Americans Hispanics behave. Like black people they are non-achievers in their own parts of the world and they are non-achievers in this country. Like black Americans the dropout rate is upwards of 50%, and they are as overly represented in the criminal justice system as black Americans are.

They don’t have the built in excuse that black Americans have been using. They weren’t dragged here against their will and enslaved and oppressed in this country by the white devil. They have come here against the will of most Americans. We can’t beat these people off with a stick. But they are beginning to blame their poor performance in this country on white racism. This is an incredible load of racist crap.

Rosamond Press

Mark Presco owned the same top secret clearance the President owns. He worked on the Shuttle flights, and made machine of war. We have not spoken in since 2000. He hates my treatment of James Bond because it is interracial.

I wrote the above, and then googled Blofeld and read this……..

It is commonly believed that the name Blofeld was inspired by the English cricket commentator Henry Blofeld‘s father, with whom Fleming went to school.[4] Henryoffered on the BBC Radio 4 series Just a Minute that “Ian took my father’s name as the name of the baddie.”[5]

I was bowled over, because in my movie ‘The Royal Janitor’ I plan to have the voice of Peter Alliss do much narrative explaining real history and plot. Peter is the voice inside the head of Sir Peter Arthur Swinburne who is poised to hear Victory Bond do a art…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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