I Found Roozemond’s Embodiment!

Above is a woman knight entering a tournament.

On  July 12, 2018, at 12:35 P.M. I found the hidden Maiden Knight I have detected in Lara Roozemond for over three years! I believe Lara is the embodiment of Margaret d’Oisy. I have been trying to get Lara to pen an epic poem. Now, I know why! Jon ‘The Dreamer’ is a Psychic Reader?


I see Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, also. Hollywood has got to get involved and champion women in what can be titled propaganda movies. The fictional women’s tournament will make a great movie. Here is the companion movie to Black Panther. White males are being empowered by fascistic nationalism that always leads to war and ruin. Women and their children, suffer the most. This movie can get to the core of the European identity and culture that is very tribal and clannish. That Trump and Putin lead the crusade to wash this identity away, while taking away Women’s Rights in the Supreme Court, is aimed at creating a Massive Money World ruled by male oligarchs and American billionaires, who hate the People’s Champion – especially if she is a woman!


I began to receive Lara’s poems in my e-mail. I read things into her poems, which is the idea of poetry – in most cases! They are often historic-fiction and myth. I assumed she saw my blogs where I title her my muse. Models seek public attention, and have many followers. I exercised my poetic license and inquired if we were related. I got no response, and wondered if she saw this as a typical come-on. Did she not like my references to Christianity? Lara did not like my post I put on her facebook, and asked me to remove it. I believe she wants modeling work. She is studying acting.

My suggestion that I am destined to author the next Tolkien, and Bond movie, might have sounded farfetched.  You take your best shot in this world. I know Lara wants to be much more than she is now. How would she like to be a Curator Muse of a Museum Without Walls? Send out resumés.


This poetic connection between William Morris and Huon d’Oisy, is astounding. The Bond and Tolkien Estate are giving their permission for future works. I am seeking that permission. I am modeling my best stuff. If the show fits – wear it! I see a beautiful horse on the internet. I behold a beautiful woman on the internet. I put the beautiful woman on the beautiful horse, and, out her mouth comes her beautiful poetry! I do not created in a vacuum. I need to be inspired!


Lara looks like the maiden who is about to put the helmet on her champion head. But, does she consider putting it on her own? I believe Lara is angry that she was not born a man so that she could outdo her father who prances about an arena with his Frisian horses, like a knight – a god! She rode these horses in shows. Did something go wrong?

In the video that is a tribute to Cees Roozemond, my eyes first fell upon this beautiful child who may be in distress. An award, a plate with a coat of arms is being offered her? These honors are her father’s things. She embraces the horse. This is on part with Arthur pulling the sword from the stone. She prays for something more worthwhile to do with her life, so that this Rose can show the World what truly matters. Now, she can help save the world. This is her calling.

Lara Roozemond! You have been called. You have a calling. Mount up!

P.S. In six minutes it will be midnight. What I long news day. I looking at image of the black night with three stars, I noticed the person in the foreground holding the reins and petting the horse, is a child. I then noticed the long mane of the horse that is supposed to be black, but, then you can not see the mane. The knight may be a woman. Ida Boulogne is one of the Tournament Dames. She is kin to Godfrey de Boulogne. Did a Frisian horse go on Crusade? This is worthy of a study.

John Gregory Presco


It is an interesting fact to the genealogist that the motto borne by the Fleming, or Flemming, family is the only motto recorded in British healdry which is still written in Gaelic This motto, “Bhear na Righ gan”—“May the King live forever”—must date from a very ancient period, as the Flemings have been in England and Scotland for almost a thousand years.

The English chronicler gives as the first of the family Stephen of Flanders, who first assumed the name of Flanders or Fleming to show the nationality of his forefathers. The Irish descendents of Stephen say theat Stephan’s Father, Archembald, a nobleman of Flanders, came from the continent with William the Conqueror and acquired the lordshoip of Bratton in Devonshire.

In 1153, the second Michael le Fleming agreed an exchange of land with Furness Abbey, giving up Roose, Fordbootle and Crivelton for Little Urswick and part of Foss, near Bootle in Cumberland, so that the Abbot could get greater access to his port at Piel.

Notes: Muchland derives its name from Micheal’s Land after Michael le Fleming who was granted the lands by Henry I sometime between 1107 and 1111. These lands lay eastwards of Abbey Beck and southwards of the moors of Birkrigg and Swarthmoor and stretched right down to the southern-most tip of the peninsula at Rampside.[1] At that time the southern limit of the manor was Walney Channel, but it was later moved inland to follow the line of Sarah Beck or Roosebeck. This land became the new manor of Aldingham.

Tourneying Noblewomen!


Whilst reading David Crouch’s fabulous book Tournament I came across this superb source which I thought I would share. It is a poem written by Huon d’Oisy III, Castellan of Cambrai. 

It is a fictional piece in which the author envisions a tournament at Lagny-sur Marne, that the noblewomen of his day organised and took part in whilst all the knights were away! Crouch dated the poem as having been composed between 1187-1189.

In that year that the knights were away

and the valiant did no feats of arms

the ladies went to tourney instead at Lagny.

The tournament was organised by

the countess of Vermandois and the lady of Coucy;

they said that they wanted to experience 

the sort of strokes

that their lovers gave out for their sake.

Ladies from all over the place

organised it that each would

retain a household with her.

When they came to the meadows they got armed

then they mustered in front of Torcy.

Yolanda de Cailly went first on to the field;

Margaret d’Oisy was eager to joust with her;

Amice the hardy rides forward, seizing her reins.

When Margaret saw Yolanda back off,

She shouted ‘Cambrai!’ and grabbed the reins to drag her away;

Let anyone who saw it launch at her and prevent it!

Then Katherine with the eager face

began to marshal the lines

and to cry ‘Move forward’.

So let those who are watching for her sign go forward,

pull at the reins, give and evade swordstrokes

and brandish their tall lances

. . . 

cause iron to ring out

and pull mail hoods out from under helmets

and cause to break

. . . 

with great panache!

Bringing up the rear come a great reinforcement,

Isabel, who comes to maintain the fight;

The lady seneschal also arrives

and she will have no mercy on them at all.


A squadron comes riding after her

with Adeline riding and shouting . . . 

for the lady seneschal.

. . . 

Alice de Trie rides in front of Yolanda

crying ‘Aguillon!’.

Very fine she looks, riding along the ranks.

The queen rides before all on an iron gray steed

. . .

armed with a mace and wearing a silver hauberk;

with no contradiction she carries it across the field;

Jehane comes riding up behind her

who has retained many a serjeant with her;

Isabel rides out and encounters

the brave Alice de Monceaux,

and forces her to offer pledge for ransom;

she is carried off with her

riding on a roncin.


The countess of Champagne soon appears

riding on a Spanish dappled horse,

and she and her people ride gently into the fight;

everyone rides against her and mills around

and the fight there is very fierce.

More than a hundred attack her,

and Alice reaches out to grab her,

she and her company seize the countess’s reins,

Alice – she of the noble body –

crying ‘Montfort’,

and the countess dismounts now she is taken,

and Yolanda is made a captive fairly,

she who is not proud and scornful,

as a German would be.

Isabel – whom we all know – gallops on to the field,

and attacks like a mad thing,

crying over and over again her war cry,

‘Let’s get them, Chatillon!’


A company rides up in ambush

and hems in Amice on every side,

and her lance breaks on a shield;

She cries ‘Lille! Let’s get their reins,

they’re in our power!’

The countess of Clermont has been 

struck by a mace across her abdomen,

right where her kidney is.

Clemence attacks heedlessly with her club

. . .

and cries ‘Beausart!’.

The whole company is routed and disperses in flight;

and no one stays to fight

when [Clemence] see Ida of Boulogne, the distinguished;

she rallies first on crossing a ditch,

she takes the countess by the reins,

and cries out ‘God our help’.


The fighting there is very intense

Isabel of Marly rides up crying

‘God our help!’, and she gives and takes many cuts.

A company rides by the other side of the river;

Gertrude, who cries ‘Mello’

pursues it across the fords.

Agnes de Triecoc rides up, who has sustained

many cuts to her arms that day,

she has broken many lances, and seized many reins,

she has hit out at many, and many times attacked.

Beatrice cries out ‘Poissy!’

There is no one

. . . 

better than she,

and Joie d’Arsi approaches

. . .

Marion de Juilly and makes her turn and dismount,

then she jousts at her

and cries ‘Saint Denis!’.


All passed across the river, Alice de Rolleiz,

jaunty of body, rides up with her company;

Clemence de Bruai goes in front,

Ceciloa de Compiegne rides directly behind

pushing forward

and attacks Isabel d’Ausnai

who has wondered into the middle of them;

The fair Alice falls on her with enthusiasm

who cries ‘Garlandon!’

. . .

Agnes rides up crying ‘Paris!’;

Ada de Parcain sees them:

she cries ‘Beaumont!’,

and pursues them right into the middle of the town,

and sees coming there Agnes of Cressonessart;

Isabel de Villegaignart also rides up.

Th tournament breaks up

because it was now growing late.


I have said and recounted a little,

and now I shall return to it;

they announced a tournament the next day.

You shall be told of the prowess of Yolanda.

When she had closed her helm

and urged forward her horse Morel,

she took her checkered shield,

hurling herself among the maidens in the meadows.

There were a hundred of them bearing lances;

she asked for no truce.

With no hesitation she rode to joust

right in amongst the other side.

far and wide and for a long time they have trumpeted

and serenaded what they witnessed.

She defeated and broke

all opposition on every side.

She set up her tent on the meadows outside Torcy;

she slept there, and gave away

whatever she had won.1

1. David Crouch, Tournament (Hambledon and London: London, 2005), pp.167-171

The Hunt For Fair Rosamond

For over ten years, I have not been happy with the paintings I have seen of Fair Rosamond. Google search kept bringing up the top images, saying, this is Fair Rosamond. I learned this was Queen Eleanor, the wife of King Henry, who allegedly shut Fair Rosamond up in a Labyrinth to keep Eleanor from doing Rosamond harm.

In the last year I came to own a pet theory, being, Rosamond is Queen Nesta, or her daughter. Nesta was allegedly kidnapped and raped. Henry may have been the rapist, when he saw how the Celtic lords were matching her up with men, who would thwart Henry’s ambition to rule all of the British Isle, plus the Angvian lands. Henry had already taken young maidens to his castles after making truces. At least one became his concubine, and wife, who bore him children. Henry begat the Plantagenet’s, from who the War of the Rose, sprang. I alone may have discovered the other War of the Roses.

When I looked at the Rozemont spelling of Rosemond – there she be! When I saw Lara Roozemond with the Royal Frisian Horses, I saw her on the white horse above. Nesta begot these people.

Roozemond and the Royal Frisian Horse


Above is photograph of Lara Roozemond, and her father, Cees Roozemond. It appears she has one a prize for horsemanship. Why don’t we see this laurel under her beautiful images? Why didn’t she give me a simple reply to my first question. How did she know I was not going to hire her? She asks for feedback on her work post-poems. Is she a published writer or, did she star in any films? She responds to this post.


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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