Roozemond and the Royal Frisian Horse


Above is photograph of Lara Roozemond, and her father, Cees Roozemond. It appears she has one a prize for horsemanship. Why don’t we see this laurel under her beautiful images? Why didn’t she give me a simple reply to my first question. How did she know I was not going to hire her? She asks for feedback on her work post-poems. Is she a published writer or, did she star in any films? She responds to this post.

Play both videos at the same time. This is the movie going on in Lara’s head. Look at her! She is a Royal Frisian Thoroughbred!  Is she now interested in writing her own story – about herself? Did I not lay my book down before her, and she has me taken away and locked in a cell! Dilly! Dilly!

I got one hell of a movie!  Lara Roozemond is the Dark Answer to National Velvet. Game of Horses and Roses!  This is Victoria Bond’s bratty period, where she turns her back on Aunt Annie. I guess Lara didn’t read I am authoring a movie around her in my James Bond revival – that just got a booster shot in the arm!

Lara, the person, has just become a member of the Rosamond Cult that formed around my sister. Like I said, my book is writing itself. How about ‘Black Bond’. ‘Dark Bond’. ‘Black Beauty’? I got my own Romance series! Yeeehaaaw!

BEHOLD!…….THE FRISIAN GOD! Play both videos!

First off, Cees Roozemond is in the news, and is very topicle. I own a registered newspaper in Lane County Oregon, titled Royal Rosamond Press. I am a reporter for this paper.  I get to write articles about Cees. After informing Lara Roozemond that there is a good chance we are kin, I got no direct communication from her. I did become a follower of her poetry page, and I received poems from her. I left two feedbacks on this page giving her my, and perhaps our history – and still no response! I have wondered why? Let me explore several reasons. Was I just plainly – SNUBBED?

Did Lara see that I was a reporter, and might reveal dangerous information?  But, in looking at Cees Roozemond, I dare say I have never seen a man so successful, so God-like, so, adored, respected, and, in control. That I dare put myself alongside the Great Cees – was a insult! To suggest we share the same DNA, is to have a mule come into a stall, and mate with a prized Frisian Horse – that Lara has ridden! How many times? Did anybody notice her? Or, were all eyes on her father, because, HE OWNS REAL POWER! Would Lara like to own – POWER? Where does she start? She was born INTO POWER! Why give any of that – AWAY!

What this reporter will be looking at, is how many people connected with KFPS Royal Frisian Horses, are dead set against anymore aliens, Muslims, Africans, and whoever, coming into Friesland, and fucking their pure Aryan stock? I think there are neo-Nazi lurking behind all this horseshit.

I think Cees and could talk for a year about the Rosemond genealogy. Is this why Lara disappeared me – without a trace?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018
‎Mar‎ ‎2 at ‎11‎:‎43‎ ‎AM

Lara: Kun je naar het Zwanebroedershuis gaan en op zoek gaan naar Roesmont-wappen? Maak een video, alsjeblieft.

Jon Presco

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    This is my only communication Lara and I have had. “Hi. Can you please stop this.” I sent her four e-mails in a row, wondering why she is not responding. I tell her I have been responding to her poems, by hitting the “respond” button – don’t think she knew was there. She didn’t even know she had to “approve” them before others could see them. But, I might be the only one who – RESPONDED! In one of my respnces, I tell her about the beautiful model that married the Aga Khan.

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