The Hunt For Fair Rosamond

For over ten years, I have not been happy with the paintings I have seen of Fair Rosamond. Google search kept bringing up the top images, saying, this is Fair Rosamond. I learned this was Queen Eleanor, the wife of King Henry, who allegedly shut Fair Rosamond up in a Labyrinth to keep Eleanor from doing Rosamond harm.

In the last year I came to own a pet theory, being, Rosamond is Queen Nesta, or her daughter. Nesta was allegedly kidnapped and raped. Henry may have been the rapist, when he saw how the Celtic lords were matching her up with men, who would thwart Henry’s ambition to rule all of the British Isle, plus the Angvian lands. Henry had already taken young maidens to his castles after making truces. At least one became his concubine, and wife, who bore him children. Henry begat the Plantagenet’s, from who the War of the Rose, sprang. I alone may have discovered the other War of the Roses.

When I looked at the Rozemont spelling of Rosemond – there she be! When I saw Lara Roozemond with the Royal Frisian Horses, I saw her on the white horse above. Nesta begot these people.

Nest bore Gerald at least five children, three sons and two daughters. Through her children by Gerald, Nest is an ancestress of the de Bohun Family, the Tudor monarchs of England, and, through the Tudors, of the Stuarts, as well as of President John F. Kennedy, and Diana, Princess of Wales.

When William of Orange conquered Britain, a new lineage was thrown in the mix – from Holland, where Lara Roozemond, dwell.

I talked to my go-to women at Walmart, and they concluded, Lara thought I was a dirty old man who wanted pussy pics from this pretty model. When I offered to make her a star, that was more proof I was addicted to pussy pics. When I kept persisting, Lara was enraged!

“She thought you were too good to be true!’

I asked Sandy what most women want in the internet?

“Money. There is so much fraud and dishonesty. The internet is not a good place.”

Fook! There are a million pussy pics on the net, why does he have to have mine! They all look the same!

I have only found one painting of Nesta, she famous for her beauty, and, a Queen Mother of so much royalty. When I saw Lara’s beautiful face, it was love at first sight. I write love stories. I don’t know how to write – the other kind.

Lara is not – that kind of girl! This was her silent message meant for all those other guys. Lara is very special. She is……….’My Wing’. This is the title of her portrait, I begin. Wagner will be playing in the background….the Grail will appear!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

The Angevin Empire (/ˈændʒəvɪn/; French: L’Empire Plantagenêt) is a collective exonym referring to the possessions of the Angevin kings of England, who also held lands in France, during the 12th and 13th centuries. Its rulers were Henry II (ruled 1154–89), Richard I (r. 1189–99), and John (r. 1199–

The Angevins of the House of Plantagenet ruled over an area covering half of France, all of England, and parts of Ireland and Wales, and had further influence over much of the remaining British Isles. The empire was established by Henry II, as King of England, Duke of Normandy, and Count of Anjou (from which the Angevins derive their name), as well as Duke of Aquitaine by right of his wife. Although their title of highest rank came from the Kingdom of England, the Angevins held court primarily at Angers and Chinon in France.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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