I Found Roozemond’s Embodiment!

The She-demons took and slimed the photograph that my fiancé took, before I pinned a crown to my beret, and produced The Deed with the three fleur de levs. A writer can not ask for better models. For good! For bad! All Belle Burch need do is, repent, and she will be a champion. Belle agreed to be my muse, Lara has not. They do not subscribe to any of my beliefs. They are models for my characters.

I will be greater than Tolkien. My movie will be the new religion. Lara is not done drinking, and, looking for love. She writes poetry by candlelight and with a bottle of wine, nearby. She look for another run-away! She can not hide. She has been called! Only God and I love her poetry that everyone ignores. From her black ink a great Frisian Stallion will rise, and bid her to mount.

It begins!

Dreamer Jon



Rosamond Press

Above is a woman knight entering a tournament.

On  July 12, 2018, at 12:35 P.M. I found the hidden Maiden Knight I have detected in Lara Roozemond for over three years! I believe Lara is the embodiment of Margaret d’Oisy. I have been trying to get Lara to pen an epic poem. Now, I know why! Jon ‘The Dreamer’ is a Psychic Reader?


I see Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, also. Hollywood has got to get involved and champion women in what can be titled propaganda movies. The fictional women’s tournament will make a great movie. Here is the companion movie to Black Panther. White males are being empowered by fascistic nationalism that always leads to war and ruin. Women and their children, suffer the most. This movie can get to the core of the European identity and culture that is very tribal and clannish. That Trump and Putin lead the…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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