Muse La Rouge

It is all coming together. Women of the World must unite!

The Apothecary’s Rose dates back much further in history than the Renaissance, however. Believed to have come from ancient Persia, not much is known about the rose prior to the 7th century when Islam swept through the area and zealots destroyed much of the texts of that time. Persian legends maintain that the rose’s red coloration came about because a nightengale so dearly loved the white rose, it grasped it tightly and the thorns pierced its breast; its blood turned the white rose red. Hence, the rose was called The Red Damask.

Rosamond Press

Astounding! I posted this in December of 2015. I did not know Fleming knew a Serpent Rouge. I did know of Lara’s existence. She read this back then, and the trouble I have had with my muses.

Below is the P.S. in my letter I sent to my Muse, Rena Easton, that got the Sheriff on my ass for being a Stalker. The Ad company who came up with this got paid millions! I didn’t get a cent for my efforts, just more humiliation!

“Hey! I got a good idea. Let’s crucify the archetypal artist, poke him in the side with a spear, and see if any money pours out!”

I use the world Telemusing.  What is happening, is, I am doing my job as a writer artist, poet, seer, but, Trump ‘The Liar’ is making reality become unhinged. I can not be blamed for this one…

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