Arrest Nunez and Ryan For Treason

The Party Club let Putin off the hook by undermining the investigations. Nunez and Paul Ryan gave a clear message to Putin that it was just fine to CROSS BORDERS to poison his enemies in Britain. The Fox Liars Club allowed Putin to put notches on his gun, as TOGETHER they undermined the FREE PRESS. They helped Putin make us look deluded and insane! British Leaders and Press did not play that treacherous self-serving game. The only reason Trump is alas taking action, is because the Democrats are going to play Theresa May’s videos next to Goofy Twitter-Trump’s, buffoonery. He twittered away as Rome burned.

In Pennsylvania, Trumpy Twitter called for locking up his political opponent without evidence – or a trial. This is Putin’s style. Paul Ryan smirked away behind the curtain. The American People are sick of playing politics every damn minute of the day. The Republicans have founded The International Liars Club – with Putin! The Russian Czar did it – and we all know it! How come Nunez and Ryan did not back the Prime minister of Britain while their Bozo did his thing?

The Speaker of the House KNEW Trump would not seek UNITY after he won. He knew the FAKE criminalization of Hillary Clinton, and thus all democratic candidates, would put more Republicans in office. Putin watched Smylen Ryan do his dirty work – with a smirk!

United we stand. Divided, we fall!

Jon Presco


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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