Rena Wins Range War

With this fake lead to a possible hidden Pynchon book, the Bozeman Art Fair has become a literary prophecy – come true! Pynchon. Artaud. Van Gough have come together for the last Go Round. We are now looking at a real Doomsday. There is a comet on the horizon. God’s Goon Squad is heading to Oakland, where this Prophet was born. Here is Boris Kachka on my ex.

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Rosamond Press

“These are the people the president cares about. And he wants them to enjoy the American Dream just like all the people in the cities.”

I suspected this is what Rena was trying to tell me in her letter, that she and her rancher husband was deprived of “enjoying the American Dream”.  Somehow, this is partially my fault, and, I got to pay. Did my muse think I was mocking her and her husband in my letter, and thus she tore it to shreds? It is not clear she is still married to Bruce, or, this is wishful thinking. Did he read my letter and fly into a rage, because, he is not a city-dweller, a eloquent man of words? Indeed, he is boring as all hell, as is most life outside the cities, out there on the vast plains. As to ownership, the white men killed all the buffalo…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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