Playing Chess For People’s Lives

Michelle pointed out a man sitting in a car across the street. She told me he was a Mafia boss, and her childhood friend’s ex-lover. She stole a belt from him containing codes for box cars carrying drugs as a means to be free from him. She asked my advise. She was thinking of taking his money to go find her friend in New Orleans – then running and hiding. I told her to never take Mafia money. I went down and arranged a meeting in a black bar in Roxbury. As I predicted, he pulled out a gun, pointed it at Michelle’s head, and asked her if she would do it. She said “No.” as I told her. He put the gun away, but, leaving the bar he pulled it out and shot it off four times, shouting “Come get me niggers!” He was blown away that whites lived in an all black neighborhood. He saw me come and go as calm as can be. He was afraid of blacks. Michelle was impressed that I said he would pull a gun on her. “It’s all he’s got!” This is why I have PTSD.

Rosamond Press


I posted the following on August 11 of last year. Rena was a Damsel in Distress. I save her. She can not take that away from me. Why would she want to?


I have gone into my posts at Christine Rosamond yahoogroup where I talk about playing chess for two peoples lives. Talk about Nerdish. How action-packed! Goes with the Road Trip by the Book.

In this post I am pining away for Rena back in 2010. I think I have an obsession. If I promise to go see a shrink, and stay away from a chessboard, will she come out of hiding – and have a cup of tea with me!

But, then there is how I came back to life and fully in my body after reading the books James Taylor put next to my bed. Those posts are a thriller!


Playing Chess for People’s Lives

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