The Shekinah of Rose and Cross

In 1992 I began my biogrpahy ‘Bonds With Angels’. It is based upon the Angel Christine and Vicki saw when they were ten and five. The year was 1957. The old lady up the street saw her. Who is she? I believe she was Mother Mary. When everything is taken from you, then, this is a ELECTION according to the rules of Christianity.

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I posted this 2009. I had a real vision of things to come. This vision lost me my family and friends. The news tonight showed the peril of the Syrian refugees fleeing to the island of Lesbos while Red State leaders of the Selfish Jesus, tear down the Statue of Liberty, after snuffing out her light. They do not care if the world saw them do this, because they believe their Savior just came for them. But, I send to all, the Compassionate Shekinah!

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

“who, at the beginning of the Israelites’ settlement in the land of Canaan, was often referred to as Yahweh’s Consort.

The literature also calls her the “Holy Spirit” which, in Hebrew, is also a feminine form. The feminine nature of the Shekhina is so easy to establish in Hebrew, because the gender of the subject plays an important role in the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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