Pierrot Caught My Daughter In Trap

In 1997, Stacey Pierrot put up a webpage for Christine Rosamond. She asked people who loved Christine, and knew her, to come forward and be in the biography she hired a ghost writer to write. My sixteen year old daughter saw this ad, and went to the reopening of the Rosamond Gallery. They did not contact Stacey before they made the four hour drive. I did not know I had a child.

They walked into the gallery, cold. They were hoping I was not there. The mother did not tell me I born a child.  When they did not see me, they introduced themselves to Stacey who took a photograph of this minor, and sent a copy to my aunt Lillian. I believe Lillian highly suggested I be informed I was a father.

Heather Hanson is my only child. This is what you get when you hand over a family legacy to greedy outsiders. I told this teenager Stacey was just trying locate fans who owned originals so they could buy them, and make prints from them. The profits would not go to my nieces because they were not part of the estate. This greedy moron chose to believe I was crazy. She believed Stacey could help her become a Star singer.

After my seventeen year old child was disappeared so she could get in Snyder’s biography, she got pregnant. My family, Mark and Vicki Presco, were not going to tell me I was going to be a grandfather. Mark and Vicki disappeared Christine 276 page autobiography, and, now they disappear her mentor. What is their motive? They are not writers or artists. When I asked Mark why he didn’t contribute to Snyder’s biography, he growled;

“I couldn’t think of anything nice to say about her!”

Did they do to Christine, what they did to me? The first biographer said Christine did not take her life like everyone around her thought she would. Do you think Mark, Vicki, and Stacey expected me to take my life – after being utterly isolated?

I told my daughter I had been working on a sober biography before Christine died. Stacey and Snyder knew that. I was their rival. My ex-daughter handed Pierrot a real victory over a father, a real member of Christine’s family. Their book was a huge flop. They gave copies away with purchase of a Rosamond.

I will have thirty years clean and sober on April 7th. If Heather had not betrayed me, our book would have helped many. I had not seen Christine for ten years due to our drinking. Rosemary said there was a party at Rocky point and, Christine walked into the water like Virginia Wolf. My mother was saying it was a suicide. I suspect members of our family demanded Rosamond pay back the money they leant her. She had declared bankruptcy. If the pubic knew it was a suicide, fans would ask – why? The bad business people that surrounded Christine – wanted a second chance! They were positive the art work of a Dead Artist would really sell in a ghoulish speculation, Rosamond’s fans – eager to cash in!

Vicki invited me to lunch, and I invited my friend, Michael Harkins. She made me an offer. She would give me 50% profit of every Rosamond I sold at fairs and flea markets. The probate had not begun. Vicki had taken around two thousand prints that were made for the family partnership seeded with Vick’s mother’s money she had wanted to leave all her grandchildren – and Rosemary! My mother died a poor woman. Vicki stole her original Rosamond out of her closet. I never got one dime, not one red cent! I turned all the offers down. I am reluctant to complete my biography and put it on the market. In most cases, Art is redeeming.

When I was twelve, my painting was chosen to tour the world in a Red Cross Goodwill Show. A hundred other students were chosen to show what Gifts We Americans had.


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I was considering contributing to Snyder’s bio, and changed my mind when Pierrot lied to me about not selling prints Vic Presco paid for with monies he got from his mother. Snyder threatened me with lawyers if I did not sign a NDA. Mark excommicated me after he insisted I sign. He was working with Stacey to wrest the Rosamond estate away from Shannon who was accusing my brother of sexually abusing her. https://rosamondpress.com/2012/03/08/mark-presco-racist-hater-of-women/ https://www.buzzfeed.com/rubycramer/hillary-clinton-let-him-stay-women-say-his-harassment?utm_term=.fgADx7WQ5M#.re5wEg8OAo


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