Miss Universe, Bollywood & Nashi Sex Camps

Here’s another prophetic post where I follow Rena’s extreme beauty down the rabbit hole, that leads to Putin’s ‘Love Camps’ that Mad Donald may have visited. Did he create more Donald’s with his ‘Love Seeds’ . Has Putin kept track of Trump’s Tree – that has been planted in America? ‘The Boys From Brazil’?


Rosamond Press

Miss Universe 2012





“TV host Andy Cohen will not host this year’s Miss Universe pageant in Russia, sayinghe doesn’t “feel right as a gay man stepping foot into Russia.”Cohen has co-hosted the Miss Universe pageant the past two years.”

Life imitating art is what’s going on here! Mel Brooks should be on the news explaining what is going on, because his movie ‘The Producers’ is the model.
Putin, The Love Fueher, knows his dream is right out of Hitler’s playbook, and for reasons not clear, he wants to adopt an idealogy that he knows will fail!

I see right thru him! Putin is trying to be more Western the West so World Capitalists will invest in Russian Sex Bling Bling. The image of Russian Queers wearing tons of gold bling bling in the streets of Moscow – will not do. Putin pushes the image of Russian Billionaires with the most beautiful examples of…

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