The Vicious United Victim Union

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scan0044After investigating how Christine died, I came to call my alleged father ‘Captain Victim’ because he was the biggest VIC-tim of them all. VIC-I came in second. Stacey and the Female Gallery Gargoyles came in third. My daughter and her mother were in a league of their own.

I can not forget the look they gave me when I told them to stay away from the gallery people and Christine’s fame, altogether, because there was a vicious fight going on over it. When I told them the two named executors in Christine’s Will, Jacci Belford, and Vicki Presco, filed a false police report and had the adult Heir thrown in jail, this Mother & Daughter team gave me a blank, cold, stare as they sat side by side. They had no empathy for my niece, their kindred they never met.

I believe they already heard from Vicki ‘The Cold Keeper…

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