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For the last four days I have been debating abut reporting on the Holy Grail I found that is connected to Virginia Hamley’s kindred, Pontus de Bourmont, a.k.a. Pontus of Sidonia, and, Pontus of Galitia.  Two days ago I found Saint Roseline.

In the last twenty minutes I challenged Abu Bakr, the founder of ISIS. I declared the Koran, flawed, and said I will found a true Caliphate around John the Baptist. For ths reason, I have no time to put my find in a book. Please respect my Copyright.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015

Saint Roseline otherwise Roseline or Rossolina de Villeneuve (1263–January 17, 1329) is a FrenchRoman Catholic saint.

Roseline was born at the château of Les Arcs-sur-Argens, Var, in eastern Provence, near Draguignan. Having overcome her father’s opposition, Roseline became a Carthusiannun at Bertaud in the Alps of Dauphiné. Her “

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