Jon the Prophet Saves America

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protect2Yesterday morning I placed members of the Republican Congress under citizen’s arrest. Folks who read my material more than likely exclaimed;

“Mad Jon has really lost it this time!”

I am only guessing because I rarely get any honest feedback lest I show up outside somebodies door – carrying a cross – or throwing a coin at the adulterers!

Two years ago I posted a truly prophetic piece titled ‘Jessie Benton and the Anti-Christ’. I come to the defense of the President of the United States – two years before he is attacked by Whacky Texans. Dressed as Uncle Samaclaus, I defended Big Government Spending. I won!

I have stuck my neck out like True Prophets – must! You can not let the lack luster opinions of non-prophets get in your way!

Excuse me while I take my Victory Lap!

Jon the Nazarite Prophet For Life

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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