Shiloh, Samuel, and the Ark

The Nazarites admitted women and men as equals. The Nazarite Judges rode around on a white ass and listened to the problems of the Children of God. A man could not hear many of the troubles women had. THE WAS NO NEED FOR A KING! God forbid a king. To get around this, the Scribes of Judah put a crown on Saul’s head, then transferred it to David’s head, so he would not be guilty of usurping THE LORD. Saul is Samuel, who I believed killed Gollath as a boy. The fictional David was hard after Saul-Samuel’s Sword. Because millions of evangelicals lust after a king to ruled over them, and because they refuse to obey THE OATH they took and appoint a Supreme Court Judge, I hereby announce THE LORD has made me a Nazarite Judge to rule over the Republican Party founded by blood kin! Sheba means “oath” Elisheba means “daughter of the oath” There was a Nazarite Queen who made war against the Slave Masters of Rome.

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benjamin4Last night I was telling a friend of the year I spent reading Chronicles and the books of Samuel. How much like Tolkien’s Trilogy was this suspicious account, where the Judges are replaced by a King – even when God forbid a King! When you turn King Saul into the Prophet Samuel who was anointed a Messiah by Eli, the High Priest of Shiloh, then you see clearly the traitor and usurper, David of Judah, stalking Samuel and the Ark of the Covenant housed in the tabernacle at Shiloh. David is with the Philistines who will capture the Ark. Who murdered the Priests of Shiloh who were a College of Prophets trained to attend to the Ark, and inquire of the Ark – the future?

When I read that no one consulted, or could consult the Ark in the time of King Saul, I knew I had read a lie…

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