The Crazy Crucifixion of Christine

I posted this in July of 2013 two years before I posted on ‘The Second Coming of Suzanne’ and before I saw a photograph of Stefan Eins with Herman Nitsch, who some are saying is really a Jew from Israel, and not an Austrian. Consider Sara Moon and the movie ‘Big Eyes’. Oscar Wilde suggested “Life imitates art.” What I am suggesting is the my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, is using art, and at least one movie, to get a message to me, to get the truth to me. However it can be said “Art is the Truth!” and art itself is trying to deliver a message, as it has to tens of thousands of artists. Why not me?

I just watched my President and the President of France hold a conference on the shooting down of the Russian jet by Turkey. In the video about Herman Veronica’s handkerchief is mention, and the Shroud of Turin. What about……The Oriflamme!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015

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The Crucifiction of Crazy Christine

Prescos 1975 Greg, Christine, Shannon, Vicki & Rosemary




scan0032“The 50 Most Powerful Women in the New York Art World”

“Many may have started out as the women who work the front desk, but now they are the ones who decide whether or not you get to buy that painting, or have that museum show.”

The evening my sister Christine Rosamond Benton drowned, Vicki called me up and asked me to come to Carmel to help sell our sister’s art. I told my friend Michael this may be a ruse, and we agreed this offer would soon be rescinded. Twenty minutes later Vicki called back and un-invited me to come to Carmel because she and Christine’s friends are having a fund-raising to pay for funeral costs. I asked why I could not be there. My surviving sister said;

“You won’t get along with these people. You know how you are!”

Vicki dropped out as executor and nominated Garth Benton the father of Drew who was nine. When the adult heir, Shannon Rosamond, fought Garth in court because he had come to hate Christine during the divorce that was just finalized, Lawrence Chazen made a bid to be executor. Chazen is a Getty Man and CEO of Nobel Oil – and No.1 creditor in the probate. He was dismissed. Garth got Shannon put in handcuffs and taken to jail.

When none of these people could get along, Judge Silver was forced to appoint a Special Executor. Sydney Morris sold the gallery and rights to Stacey Pierrot, who sat at the front desk in the Rosamond Gallery. She was ‘The Front’ while members of my family hid behind these scenes – and fought the surviving family artists. None of these Darklings can draw or paint. They are Lurkers of the Art World. It is time to unmask them.

As an artist, I knew the gallery in Carmel was the Jewel in the Crown that could serve the creative members of my family for generations to come. Vicki and Mark Presco hated art, were sick of the gallery, and just wanted their money back, the money they lent Christine when her popularity began to fade.

Here is an interview Pierrot conducted from the Rosamond Gallery. She sits on several boards and travels to Europe. Meanwhile, Shannon Rosamond, can’t convince people she is Rosamond’s daughter.

Above is a photo of Shannon when she was six sitting at my mother’s table while I pass around photos of my painting I did of Rena Victoria Easton. Upon seeing this lost work of art, Christine decided to take up art. This is the Genesis of her success that would lead to her public crucifixion that Garth administered while lurking in the background. He did not attend my sister’s funeral, nor did Drew Benton.

Stacey Pierrot is the woman on the right sitting before the large Rosamond canvas, with Jacci Belford, the gallery manager who called me three weeks after her boss was dead and said my niece would destroy the estate. Belford had made a bid to buy our families legacy. When I objected, I was black-balled. Vicki was a Puppet Master who backed Pierrot. I was put in the dark. Two months after Christine was gone, I called up Paul Mortuary to find out if these “friends” and my family paid for the funeral of the famous Rose of the World.

“No they haven’t. And I am about to file a claim against the estate!”

John Presco

Copyright 2013

On the phone in her gallery as a fountain flows in a small courtyard outside. At one point her landlord stops by. He”s fond of her. Calls her a sweetheart. Stacey had just finished running four miles. She”s lived in Carmel for 10 years.

Do you have confidence in President Bush?

Absolutely. With a capital A. I feel very secure with his whole cabinet. I think they”re very knowledgeable and smart. I”ve actually met Condoleezza Rice and she”s outstanding. I think they”re making the right decisions for our country.

Last night I liked the way he [Bush] explained the progression of Saddam Hussein”s behavior and why we are where we are right now. I feel like I”m at the end of my rope too. No more playing games. Also the AIDS help for Africa was good.

Do any government policies or laws affect you directly?

Just high taxes. I”m in the highest tax bracket. I”m a small business owner, self-employed, so I”m interested in making it. It”s all part of business and cash flow and taxes are a big part of making it or not.

Will war affect the economy?

I”m not worried about the war affecting business. I support it because we have to do it. But maybe because I feel like Carmel is so beautiful people will come here to escape the feelings of war. I sit on a board of the Carmel Art Festival, the Carmel Gallery Alliance. We put on an annual festival. There have been some board conversations about the success of this year”s festival because of the war. I”ve heard they”re concerned the festival will be way down. I happen to believe the opposite. It”s a cultural event and in a time of war people have to look for other things to take them away from being scared.

Do you trust corporate America?

I think there needs to be more checks and balances. I am appalled that these things have happened. There needs to be much more accountability, especially when you”re investing with someone.

Have you been hurt by any of the scandals?

The falling of Silicon Valley has hurt the art business. They were some of our weekenders.

What else is happening in Carmel?

We have the battles with the Coastal Commission. We have the Sunset Center, raising money for that. What I”m waiting for is some cohesiveness between the landlords and the business owners here. The rents are so high, there”s lots of turnover.

I”m not into the paid parking. There”s lots of those ”No Paid Parking” signs in people”s windows, so I can”t imagine everyone is too into that. And what about employees? If you work here you don”t want to have to spend money on parking.

California. Good or Bad?

The best thing about California is the beauty. That”s the number one thing that keeps me here. I like the small town feel because I”m single. I think I”d be lonely in a big city. The worst thing for me is no theater. No music. No nightlife. I hate to offend anyone but everything is on such a small scale. A play is a like a high school play.

What are you afraid of these days?

The whole germ warfare thing scares the crap out of me. As far as the economy and business, what am I afraid of, pulling out and making it. I”ve seen a lot of businesses go out in Carmel, like crazy, everywhere you look.

Travel lately?

I went to Italy. Rome, Venice and Milan. It was in the first week of January. It was wonderful. Quiet. That”s what was so nice. No tourists. People aren”t flying. It was eating, shopping, walking. I went with my best friend. My best girlfriend. I try to get out of the country once a year.

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