Did Christine Rosamond Kill Herself?

Sandra Faulkner said this in 1997; I was reluctant to writer all that my INTERVIEWS revealed about Christine. I just sent two messages to Sandra beseeching to tell the truth. I sent her this, written by the second ghost writer Stacey Pierrot hired. ““These contributors are virtually the only sources of
inforamtion on Rosamond, which makes their reflections – and
generosity – of enormous value. Christine Rosamond was, by turns,
social and reclusive. Sometimes, Chrsitine’s whereabouts were not
even known. Never the less it is shocking to find so little
information exists about a woman who became, in her time, the most
published artist in the world. There were no files or diaries, no
extensive articles, and but one scrapbook. This work is, in fact, the
first to examine Rosamond’s life.”

Rosamond Press

Christine 1980 Modeling in Hatsamsca2

Sandra Faulkner wrote a biography about my late sister that has been disappeared, along with the autobiography written by Christine. On the Rosamond Publishing website that first appear in April of 1997, fans of Rosamond read this;

Though death came early to Christine, it was not hastened by her as many around her feared it might be.”

This appears to be lifted from an article written in the Carmel Pine Cone by Sue Barton. Who are the “many around her”? Are they related to me? Did they give testimony to Sandra about Rosamond’s desire to take her life? Sandra says Christine contacted her and arranged a meeting. If she wrote her biography, she took notes. When I pointed out to the executor these notes, and the proceeds of Sandra’s untitled book, belong to the Heirs, my two nieces, Sandra was out of there – along with her biography! Did Sandra…

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