Lost Road – Found

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All roads lead to Rome. What Erin could not accept as a renowned astrologer, is, SHE is not the destination! When it became apparent I was the destination, she freaked! You can not map the Milky Way – to yourself! Astrologers DO CHARTS – for others! The Magi followed a star.

Why didn’t Erin do my chart, seeing we had so much in common, and, were on the Same Path? After all, I set out to find ‘The Lost Mural’. Modern women want to be – it. Many are in rebellion against the pedagogy. What Erin saw, is I am the one at the end of her Eugene rainbow. But more than that, my information was the whole universe that threatened to consume her little galaxy, like a Black Hole. So, what does she do (to stall for time) she asks after my name! She tells me she is still having trouble with my name. In her e-mail where she asks me to delete my entire post, she mocks my name. Is she suggesting I might be a deluded mental cripple who is not sure what my name is! Was she setting a trap for me, or, was she trying to break a code? How about both?

oera10 oeralin5


Does Erin believe she is Morgan La Faye, deep down inside, and thus, we are brother and sister? I told her I retrieved my first name when I got into Recovery. I declared myself a Nazarite after John the Baptist and Samson. Then I took the name Ambrose, the name Merlin was given as a boy. This is from the birth of Samson;

 “Then Manoah inquired of the angel of the Lord, “What is your name, so that we may honor you when your word comes true?”

18 He replied, “Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding.

Note the energy around my head. This is the energy my angel put around me for protection. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Judges+13-16

What Erin also did, was mimic this, a chapter from the Oera Linda Book. My mother was born Rosemary Rosamond.

Dear John/Jon/Greg

Will you please delete immediately your entire blog where I am depicted and written about  – I was not pre-informed by you that you were going to publish anything on me, and it was inappropriate.

“Here is the name on my birth certificate. JOHN GREGORY PRESCO. My mother told the nurse she wanted it spelled JON. When she saw a H had been put in it, she got very angry, and refused to call me JOHN, and called me GREG, the name I went by most of my life until I got into recovery, ended the feud, and used JON. I used GREG on FB so old friends could find me, especially my Muse, who found me via my blog and wrote me a long letter on Christmas Day.”

“We now come to the History of Jon.
Jon, Jôn, Jhon, Jan, are all the same name, though the pronunciation varies, as the seamen like to shorten everything to be able to make it easier to call. Jon—that is, “Given”—was a sea-king, born at Alberga, who sailed
p. 92 p. 93
from the Flymeer with a fleet of 127 ships fitted out for a long voyage, and laden with amber, tin, copper, cloth, linen, felt, otter-skins, beaver and rabbit skins. He would also have taken paper from here, but when he saw how Kalta * had destroyed the citadel he became so angry that he went off with all his people to Flyburgt, and out of revenge set fire to it. His admiral and some of his people saved the lamp and the maidens, but they could not catch Sijrhed (or Kalta). She climbed up on the furthest battlement, and they thought she must be killed in the flames; but what happened? While all her people stood transfixed with horror, she appeared upon her steed more beautiful than ever, calling to them, “To Kalta!” Then the other Schelda people poured out towards her. When the seamen saw that, they shouted, “We are for Min-erva!” from which arose a war in which thousands were killed.
At this time Rosamond the mother, who had done all in her power by gentle means to preserve peace, when she saw how bad it was, made short work of it. Immediately she sent messengers throughout all the districts to call a general levy, which brought together all the defenders of the country. The landsmen who were fighting were all caught, but Jon with his seamen took refuge on board his fleet, taking with him the two lamps, as well as Minerva and the maidens of both the citadels. Helprik, the chief, summoned him to appear; but while all the soldiers were on the other side of the Scheldt, Jon sailed back to the Flymeer, and then straight to our islands. His fighting men and many of our people took women and children on board, and when Jon saw that he and his people would be punished for their misdeeds, he secretly took his departure. He did well, for all our islanders, and the other Scheldt people who had been fighting.”

Study this! Here is where my information and Erin’s come together. That she speaks of the Dactyls, which have little to do with astrology, blew, for I connected them to Belle Burch and her late mother. Note the painting of Venus by Botticelli that I compared Belle to in Ken Kesey Square. She is still MY DESTINATION, because I followed a SIGN.


Compare Erin’s study TO THIS


And now – THIS!


Is Belle Erin’s destination – too? I believe so. This is why Erin is trying to shake me. She suggests I have attached myself to HER STAR, like a parasite. I e-mailed this to Erin;

“I came across your study on the Dactyls this morning. We need to talk on the phone. I have studied the Ogham and made profound discoveries. Belle’s mother wrote a play ‘

The Descent of Innana

This might be Venus in Retrograde. On this blog I reveal what two seers said when I had a psychic reading in 1987. I died. My mother and daughter were born on the same day Sept. 26.”

Belle’s father conducted Maze Walks. Labyrinths are called ‘Troy Town’.


I have told Marilyn Reed this several times, and now I say this to all the women I am in conflict with…….MY SPIRIT GUIDE IS A WOMAN! For twenty years she down-loaded a shit-load of Biblical Knowledge while I slept. I would wake up, turn on my computer, and verify the knowledge I received. A Seer said I go each night to the Cathedral of the Souls. She saw a hood figure standing in back of me.

I did tell Erin that I had died. Erin discussed ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ with the authors and is concerned about Dan Brown suing her if WE write about this matter that orbits around Mary Magdalene who allegedly had Jesus’ child. Much has been written about Mary. But, what about Jesus – THE FATHER? My sixteen year old daughter I did not know I conceived, came into my life – and all but destroyed! She preferred to think of herself as a Immaculate Conception, conceived by…….THE ANGEL WITH NO NAME!

This why people hate me. They all want to go to the bank and cash checks for a mere suggestion! They also hate me because very beautiful women have loved me, and I them. Also, I am very handsome  – and look like Jesus – as did a lot of Hippies! This is why Erin hated me putting our photos together. We are the Love Generation. Jesus is Love, and not gay. Nor was Mary Magdalene – a Lesbian! These Lovers – were heterosexuals! Venus is the Goddess of Love – for fuck sake! Erin acts like she gave birth to her – and owns her! The name of my autobiography is ‘Capturing Beauty’. Are we having a custody battle? How about conducting a Holy Blood Test?

Here is the first half of my story ‘The Birth of Venus’.


“In the time before the coming of Man, before he learned to count the stars in the Heaven, and name the Seas that surrounded him, there was a morning star that danced in the deep blue sky at dawn’s first light. This was the time when wisdom and thoughts were not in man for he was not created yet. But there was whisperings in the inky night, and hushed tales reaching earth from distant stars, and in great tales yet to be stored in the hold of the moon, whose round sails traversed the sky, its sails adjusted and trimmed to the moods of the months and seasons, but not to the moods man, for even the gods did not have their whims as yet.

Then there was talking amongst the great rocks that buttressed into the sea, so deep and ancient the voices that only the seagulls could hear them and amass took flight over the horizon. There were rumors in the pounding waves as they marched to the shore that eternity was coming to dwell on Earth, and until then, only the breaking waves could count it. And they consulted the prophets in the rocks who had no form, who let the great waves take them bit by bit and turn them into sand till they fell like colossus back into the sea. But they were not vanquished for they dwelt in the spirit of all the land and had the wisdom to know they were not immortal, that their demise would take almost forever. But by then they would be wise, almost as wise as the gods, and by then, they would go wherever the gods would lead them, like dust captured in the tails of comets, they will follow.”

On the way to the church to film Marilyn’s Gospel Choir. I got lost. An old lady bent over with a cane asked me if I was going to hear the choir. How did she know? I video taped her and learned she was the founder of the Grassroots Gardening program. I was amazed, because I knew Belle was very involved in gardening, growing food for poor people. In the beginning of Sleeping Beauty, there are old crones.

Belle’s mother gathered the people of Eugene together to take a journey into the underworld while Belle’s father built a labyrinth. The Burch name comes from birch tree. B for birch is the first letter of the Tree Alphabet, the Beth-Luis-Nion. Ianna may be the source of the name Hannah, and Anna who were Nazarites who I suspect used a hand sign. They may have come from Minoah.

I have been tracking this Hand Sign for twenty-five years. I freaked when Belle hid the truth she was arrested for championing the homeless and someone wrote on her hands in order to give her message. This has much to do with my conclusion Jesus and John were restoring the Jubilee. Belle looks like Da Vinci’s Saint Anne.

I am going to go way out on a limb here, but, a week ago I began to wonder if Belle’s mother is not employing me to give lessons to her beautiful daughter, lessons Belle did not get, and needs. To consider this, is the basis of our greatest Fairy Tales that come from the Celts long ago. Catherine Vadertuin-Burch has a wondrous gift for her youngest daughter, who was fourteen when she died. Belle is stuck at fourteen. I asked her to be my Disciple when I saw was was unfolding.

In the Labyrinth that King Henry build for the Rose of the World, a small stream connected apartments that I suspect were placed in a circle. Messages were sent by putting them in this stream on a branch. I believe Henry knew the Ogham alphabet that is notched on sticks.

In the picture of Belle above, she is using her thumbs to enter my name in her phone. She asks about my name JON. JON is also HANS. To be approached by an old crone you sees you are lost, and your names is HANS, then you know Fairy tales can come true. Note ANNA in the name Johannes (John). This story if FOR BELLE and no one else. I believe the those lurking in the background have been cleared away. As Belle typed, I told her my blog is about Sleeping Beauty and the name Rosamond.

Jon the Nazarite

Copyright 2014

Descent of Ianna

“represents the dying of the green world during winter that is reborn each spring. In our version, he makes an alliance with ancient feminine spiritual power represented by the serpent he calls to for help just before the break in the ancient Summerian tablet passed down to us. He interweaves this serpent with his own authority (reflecting the Sumerian symbol of the caudus still used in medicine today)– and his full humanity, like Inanna’s own, is restored.

To this traditional narrative, I have added an Old Woman-storyteller. I envision her to be something like the priestesses who kept the rituals and myths of Inanna for generations. Like so many grandmothers, storytellers, and women healers I have been privileged to know, Old Woman embodies “all the courage love takes when it opens our eyes.”

Who am I gathering together in order to make my Last Journey down the Lost Road? Am I Arthur gathering the Queen’s of Avalon? Or, are we Atlantians – prepared the Last Ark?

Erin’s books are about my family, and the family groups that I have uncovered and brought together. I told Erin that I died – and came back to life! She knows what this means. Venus retreats in retrograde, goes down into Hades, and gives birth to a divine son. Consider Opheus and his beautiful wife who I compared to Rena. I have said this;

“Rena owns the face that launched a thousand Rosamond prints.”

For twenty years I’ve been looking at the idea that there was a Poetry Reading at Troy and that King David brought the riddle about a Unicorn, a horse with a horn. The horn is THE FIVE, that Erin speaks of, as I will show you.  What I now conclude, is the Helen ‘beautiful” is Venus in retrograde.

Because Edogan is attacking an killing my beautiful Kurdish women in the Land of Troy, I am done playing games!  These ancestors of thee women fought the Roman slave masters for the Temple in 70 A.D. I have traced the first church called ‘The Way’ to the Kurds.

Three days ago I read this retrograde of Venus is related to Epiphany Day, the practice of I introduced to America in this video. I do what my Spirit Guide bid me to do. Why should I not say she is…….Mary Magdalene ‘Rose of the World?

I look at the photo of Belle, and I am still in love! I love this beautiful woman that I found at the end of my quest to revive the history of the Miller Brothers, raise the Lost City of Fairmont from the dust – and save Ken Kesey’s cottage! Belle is my beloved Muse. There is no doubt that her mother told me to watch over her, and protect her. I have changed the course she was on. I offered her ALL THE INFORMATION in the blog! Belle is my destination, my……..DESTINY! She is my Vivian. I am a old man who does not have much longer to live. Who will pull the Tones from the Singing Sword?

My hero, Antonin Artaud, is the Father of Modern Theatre. His Theatre of Cruelty is inspired by Gamelan music and dance. In my study of the Holy Blood Line and Grail descending from Mary Magdalene I concluded being studious was not enough. I had to act the part. I drew upon Hippie Street Theatre that Wavy Gravy and the Pranksters performed in getting a message out. What is the message?

Many people put their white light around Belle to protect her from me. Good job! But, I am not her enemy. I am not a Beast! I just don’t like folks stealing my roses! I just captured Sleeping Belle, and brought her to Troy! Now, come and get her! Bring your Magical Poetry, or don’t bother. This is the Found Poetry Contest, and, all roads lead to Troy!


Two days after meeting Belle I have dedicated my poem to her, thinking I would never see her again. Erin can not be her own muse, a problem my later sister had. I can have a woman as my muse. Many women bond with thugs and call the sensitive man a creep. This is because they want to be in charge, want to rule over men. Gay people are trying to come to terms with the tradition of the muse? Erin authored this


I authored this……

“I must have neglected this great Renaissance Artist,
and his beloved Muse – until now!
But, Since I beheld her, my Belle
and compared her to Simonetta Cattaneo de Candia Vespucci,
do I now behold all the clues of the petals
and the thread
that have brought me through the labyrinth of time,
to adore her once again.


I get to be much more than an academic resting on my laurels!


Here you go Erin Morgana Sullivan Vivian. I have been set free from the Amber! My magic is stronger than thee! You have awoken the White Dragon – in her nest!



Jon ‘The Nazarite’

Copyright 2015

Relationship Epiphany Day:  March 27
During any planet’s retrograde journey there will be a day of epiphany.  This day occurs when that planet crosses (conjuncts) the Sun.  When Venus conjuncts the Sun, her symbolic proximity to the Sun will “shed light on” Venus’ domain which as we know is relationships.  Look for an illuminating moment in your relationship journey on or near this day.  It can happen anywhere in a 5-day span, up to 2 days before or after March 27.



Venus Retrograde 2009: Descent Into Love’s Darkness

Friday, March 6 through Friday, April 17, 2009

What Is Venus Retrograde?
When Venus goes retrograde, she takes our hand and pulls us into the darkness of our relationships.  A retrograde period of any planet is a retrospective of that planet’s themes.  It is like going into the deep, dark cave of oneself in whatever area of life is covered by the planet that is retrograde.  It is a time of moving backward, perhaps of going back to pick up pieces lost in the past.  It is a retrieval, a turning inward, perhaps a letting-go.  Since Venus’ domain is relationships, this turning inward will happen in that domain.

Inanna’s Descent To The Underworld
The retrograde journey of Venus is depicted in the Mesopotamian tale of the descent of Inanna.  To the people dwelling in the cradle of civilization several thousand years ago, Inanna was as Venus is to us:  a goddess of love, a beautiful goddess, a heavenly queen.  In the tale, she travels to the underworld to retrieve her dead love.  The underworld is ruled by her sister, Ereshkigal.  Inanna cannot enter the underworld without dying, but a goddess does not stay dead.  A goddess is immortal and so, after her journey, she rises, just as the planet Venus, having completed her retrograde journey, must turn direct and return to the sunlit world.

Inanna prepares for her journey by putting on seven things:  a crown on her head, a scepter in her hand, a necklace, gems for her breast, a ring on her finger, a breastplate and royal garments.  As she descends, she passes through seven gates.  At each gate, the gatekeeper requires her to remove one of these items before allowing her to pass.  In passing the seventh gate, she comes before her sister (think of them as two aspects of one goddess, light and dark) entirely naked and vulnerable.  There she sickens and dies and her corpse is hung upon a stake.  After three days and three nights have passed, she is revived and saved by the intercession of Ninshubur, a Mesopotamian Mercury.  Mercury (Hermes to the Greeks), as messenger of the gods, is traditionally one of the few immortals who is able to travel between the under- and over-worlds without having to die to do it.  The messenger-god sends two angels to feed Inanna the food and water of life.  She is brought back to life and returns to the over-world, bringing a trail of the dead with her.  The dead who return with her are not the restless dead, but those who died peacefully.

What Does The Story Mean?
Think of Inanna’s descent as a descent into deeper intimacy.  She is attempting to bring her lover back from death and to revive her relationship.  To do this, she must go into her relationship’s darkness; she must enter into deeper intimacy.  This requires a vulnerability that she cannot comprehend at first, but learns to understand by experiencing it.

Inanna armors herself for the descent into the underworld.  Her approach to the first gate is tinged with arrogance, but by the time she arrives at Ereshkigal’s throne she is stripped, literally and figuratively.  She has no armor left.  She is entirely vulnerable.

This tale is a classic one because Inanna’s behavior is so like our own, when faced with the prospect of real intimacy and the fear it brings up.  When we go into an “intimate” conversation, don’t we gird ourselves for a fight we are secretly hoping to win?  Don’t we decorate ourselves, hoping to charm our partner into agreement, or to entice them?  Don’t we cover our breast, our heart, with hard armor in hopes that, while we may deliver a wound, we will escape without receiving one?  We wish to make our point and to have an impact on our partner, without having to feel anything or make any change in ourselves.

Inanna shows us that vulnerability is the only approach that works when going into the dark places of love and relationship.  If you find yourself in a relationship where you cannot ever be entirely vulnerable or your partner does not feel that they can be entirely vulnerable (at least some of the time), then real intimacy is not happening between you.  Both partners must be capable of complete vulnerability and willing to stand emotionally naked before each other, and ready to let go of all armor, in order to reach true intimacy.  At the very heart of intimacy is trust, without which a relationship has no foundation.

Seven Gates, Seven Sacrifices On The Way To Deeper Intimacy
Inanna must make a sacrifice at each gate on her way to the underworld.  Each sacrifice has interesting possible meanings.  During 2009’s Venus retrograde period (March 6 through April 17) I’ll be making one short blogpost about each of them.  As I do that, I won’t be trying to interpret their meaning to the Mesopotamians who first told this story; I am looking for the meaning these symbols hold for you and me, today.

Her Crown
Her Scepter
Her Necklace
Gems for her Breast
Her Ring
Her Breastplate
Her Raiment/Royal Garments

Relationship Epiphany Day:  March 27
During any planet’s retrograde journey there will be a day of epiphany.  This day occurs when that planet crosses (conjuncts) the Sun.  When Venus conjuncts the Sun, her symbolic proximity to the Sun will “shed light on” Venus’ domain which as we know is relationships.  Look for an illuminating moment in your relationship journey on or near this day.  It can happen anywhere in a 5-day span, up to 2 days before or after March 27.








” Erin Sullivan’s latest book is a breakthrough both in astrology and psychology. The Astrology of Family Dynamics makes for gripping reading and shows us that astrology is the only system that demonstrates the complexities of the family as an organic whole, the family’s place in the collective, and the role an individual plays in carrying on the ancestral line. To date there is no book dedicated to family patterns, the psychology of family dynamics, in natal astrology. Not only does this book fill a gap in astrological literature, it also adds an essential new dimension to the psychology of families and groups.

The Monterey Pop Festival embodied the theme of California as a focal point for the counterculture and is generally regarded as one of the beginnings of the “Summer of Love” in 1967;[9] the first rock festival had been held just one week earlier at Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, the KFRC Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival.[10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17] Because Monterey was widely promoted and heavily attended, featured historic performances, and was the subject of a popular theatrical documentary film, it became an inspiration and a template for future music festivals, including the Woodstock Festival two years later.

Ancient History (but still family!)
1964 – 66-ish: Light Show/s : “TransEuphoric Express”, Vancouver, BC – all major bands. Multi-Media, Canada Council Grants

1966 onward – : Original member of Hog Farm – ongoing, and the light show business: “Single Wing Turquoise Bird” – did light shows for UK/US major bands at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA . . . David and Helena Lebrun, Founders.

1967 – 69 – On the road shows, Road Hog Bus – goes to New Mexico.

August 1969 – The Road Hog from New Mexico to New York to set up the venue for “The Woodstock Festival” . . . 13 members of the Hog Farm went up ahead (including my 7 month old daughter) to create the Festival. After being rejected by two county venues, Woodstock was finally established at a private location, rented Max Yasurs’s Farm (Michael Lang, Stan Goldstein, Hugh Romney aka Wavy Gravy et cetera – business negotiators)

Worked with Hog Farm Compound – free food, drug testing/control, psychological support systems, healt and safety and containment, children’s play space, in short, a haven of peace and support.





To date, there is no book dedicated to the subject of family patterns, the psychology of family dynamics and the family systems with respect to natal astrology. This book charts the movement from “collective” astrology – the charts of kings, leaders, countries and mundane events – towards a personal astrology of natal charts of individuals which has created a strange disassociation and alienation of the person from his or her environment and external influences, most particularly his or her participation in the family. This book will help a person glimpse him or herself as part of a whole, which will both amplify and annihilate his or her sense of individuality.

This collection of essays offers a major reassessment of the meaning and significance of emotional experience in the work of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Recent scholarship on early modern emotion has relied on a medical-historical approach, resulting in a picture of emotional experience that stresses the dominance of the material, humoral body. While such scholarship has been important in foregrounding questions related to historical phenomenology and embodiment, it has obscured the extent to which other intellectual and creative frameworks – including religion, philosophy, rhetoric and drama – also shaped cultural beliefs about emotion in the period.






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