Lost Road – Found

With the election of Trump American and European Cuture is DEAD. Trump has been fooled into promoting Putin’s fake culture.

Rosamond Press


All roads lead to Rome. What Erin could not accept as a renowned astrologer, is, SHE is not the destination! When it became apparent I was the destination, she freaked! You can not map the Milky Way – to yourself! Astrologers DO CHARTS – for others! The Magi followed a star.

Why didn’t Erin do my chart, seeing we had so much in common, and, were on the Same Path? After all, I set out to find ‘The Lost Mural’. Modern women want to be – it. Many are in rebellion against the pedagogy. What Erin saw, is I am the one at the end of her Eugene rainbow. But more than that, my information was the whole universe that threatened to consume her little galaxy, like a Black Hole. So, what does she do (to stall for time) she asks after my name! She tells me she is still having trouble with my name. In her…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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