The Risen Atlantians

I felt a strong connection with my sister as I wrote Elfine which confused me. I did not know I had a daughter. Sister and Daughter and a mother named Rosemary, and, a grandmother named Mary Magdalene.Rosamond. “This chapter is the story of Rosamond, Kalta and the early years of Minerva however standard history has very little to say about these historical personages. Their influence on the course of Europe and the Mediterranean was enormous, affecting everything that has followed for thousands of years. Of Rosamond nothing is known except for a namesake, Fair Rosamond, the mistress of King Henry II who has been endowed with many legends and dubious stories beyond her station. Kalta is not remembered but the Celts who were named after her have various “historical” descriptions.”

Rosamond Press

Christine Rosamond Benton was my beloved sister. When she came north for a visit she was reading Tolkiens Trilogy that she could not put down. This prompted our friend, Keith Purvis, to say;

“Too bad she can not see those books are real.”

Keith was once Christine’s lover. He descends from the O’Neil Kings of Ireland and is a British subject. Keith was with me when I died on McClure’s Beach, just after I read Tolkien’s Trilogy that us hippies made famous. When we climbed that rock, I saw it as the mountain of doom that I must cast the Ring of Invsibility into so that what is Good and True could become manifest and oversome the war lords of darkness. I was at the vanguard of the peace movement that was real and changed the world. This is true history that I was at the vanguard of. I am…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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