The Rise and Fall of the Carpenter Ant Queen

DSC03054orion2 orion3 orion8 orion9

As I spoke with Michael, Smoky looked up at me adoringly, she hanging on my every word. I was reminded of the cat in the movie ‘Men In Black’. I looked to see if Smoky was wearing a collar, like the one Orion was wearing that contained a tiny universe. We hippies used to wear a necklace that contained a tiny mustard seed that represented LSD and a parable by Jesus. Smoky knew I had no Bug in me. Her master was – bug free!

I just searched for a picture of Gentle Rosenburg, because we look-alike. I found one that is not very good. I was called a Gentle Giant. Here is the Rosenmund family crest. Rosemont is a version of Rosenburg.

rose-mont rosenmund-1crest

When I entered the Emerald Art Associated, and after I lay a baker’s dozen of Ideas on Cheryl Leontina, she blocked the door and would not let me leave. I became a member. One day she approached me and told me the folks upstairs wanted the Emerald to make Springfield’s first entry into the Eugene Celebration Parade that was run by the Kesey family. Nancy got me on the bus with Ken in the parade in 1987.

The idea I put forth was ‘The Carpenter Ant Queen’ meets ‘The Slug Queen’ on the Peter De Fazio Bridge. There is a tense standoff, because the Gentile Slug People are leery of the Army of Warring Carpenter Ants, and their allies, the Giant McKinzie River Loggers. Blue Meanies? The Ant Queen sends across one of her servants, who shouts;

“Permission to come across!”


And – here she come, being pulled by her servants who are wearing Salvadore Dali masks! They are dressed in black – with attenae. They are half-bug, and half-human. Dali could not leave the ant kingdom alone! And, it looks like he stirred up a nest of woe for the Eugeniuses!

orion11 orion14

I then suggested there be a Tug-of-War across the Mill Race between the citizens of Eugene and Springfield. Cheryl e-mailed me back and scolded me about “war-energy” not being appropriate. I was dumfounded. I put my ideas in words and asked Cheryl to present them to the Board. In this letter I mention my Pioneer kindred are the subject of the mural on the side of Emerald Arts. I got no reply. I talk to Cheryl in person. She tells me my ideas are too wild for the EAA, because the old ladies who founded it are conservatives, widows of the loggers.

“This is a conservative art group. However, your ‘Hello Dali Singers’ might get thru!”

I made an image of old broads tap-dancing down the street leading Springfield’s float of some kind. How about the Marges – with big blue hair?

“Well, hello, Dali.”

I wanted Cheryl to be the Carpenter Ant Queen because she employed ants in her art, like my idol, Salvador Dali. I did not tell Cheryl, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, was my blood-kin because I could see she was already intimidated. I compared her flaxen hair to the woman in this painting.


For an older woman to have flaxen hair, is very rare. She is a Fairy. Some authors say Cleopatra was of the Fairy Bloodline, and she wanted to be more than goddess. She wanted to be – God!

This brings us to Michael’s chair. What fascination does it hold? It is…..King Author’s throne! Someone has to sit there, and, once again, I have been elected. By whom? Cheyrl has my copy of the White Goddess wherein  Robert Graves talks about the Dactyls.

Two hours ago, I found an essay by Erin Sullivan wherein she talks about the Dactyls. Thanks to me asking my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren, what became of the Creamery mural, it is now back in the public domain, and, Americans know who Erin Sullivan, is. My kindred kept the British from coming out of Canada with an army and taking over Oregon and California. I tried to use my family history to save Ken Kesey’s cottage.

Thomas Pynchon is forever in my family tree. Many respected critics have written volumes about Pynchon being the greatest Beat Author of all time. I have a right to promote, and exploit, my family history as I deem beneficial to me and my family, and our creative and historic values – just like the Kesey family!

Start the music.

Ten years ago I concluded John the Baptist signed back to the priests that were talking in sign language. At eight days of age, John writes on a tablet. Then he – speaks! He is


Arrange the letters on the forefinger and consider the Sistine Chapel – and the writing on Bell Burch’s hands. Her mother co-wrote a play which might be tied to Erin’s book ‘Venus in Retrograde’.

ogham3 ogham4 ogham5 ogham6 OGHAMHAND_2orion4

“Eugene lost one of its most creative artists last week. Cancer stole Catherine Vandertuin from us when she was far too young. In her too-short time here, Vandertuin, the founder and artistic director of Eugene Chamber Theatre, applied enormous energy, creativity and collaboration to the innovative theater/music productions of Dust and Dreams, Antigone, The Descent of Innana and Ice Cure, the last adapted from an original manuscript.”

I have traced the Dactyls to Crete and the Labyrinth, and then to Rhodes where they built a colossus, like the one that was unveiled in Downtown Springfield. Instead of the Ant Carpenter Queen, we get a Collosus Ken Kesey standing by his books. Was Ken on a giant ego-trip?

This morning in a e-mail, I suggested to Erin Sullivan that her ‘Venus in Retrograde’ may have happened before in regards to The Descent of Innana. She got very excited! I told her my Mother, Rosemary Rosamond, and my daughter, were born on the same day, and are Libras ruled by Beautiful Venus. I am a Libra born during a amazing star shower!

Liz was a world class art collector. Christine’s sister-in-law was married to Thomas Benton, and Richard and Mimi Farina were her good friends.

In 1987 I declared myself a Nazarite after John the Baptist. Seven years ago I beheld the crypt of Queen Helena in the Louvre. She was a Nazarite. Here are fellow Nazarites in South Africa.

I wrote them a long letter. Did their ancestors know Cleopatra? Helena and her Nazarite Sons led the Holy Abolitionist War against the Slave Masters of Rome. ISIS BUGS are at the door, they have come to destroy ART MUNDI. They hate ART! They fear the second coming of ARTHUR! After a twenty-six year search, I found the original Christian church.



labyrinth labyrinth4helena2helena10helena11helena13


The autobiography of my late sister and I is called ‘Capturing Beauty’. Belle looks like she modeled for Da Vinci. It has been suggested I am his reincarnation. Belle rang all my bells! Like a ravenous wolf I devoured every aspect of her beautiful face. You can see I found a part of her in Leontina, who says I am obsessed. She does not want to be my muse, or, the star, or the goddess. She wants to be God healing other women.

I might own more than God-consciousness.  I told Marilyn that I have the ability to turn fiction – into reality! I am the Anti-mimesis that Oscar Wild discovered. I quit my Art to experiment with LSD. The experiment was – a success!

Marilyn and Christine Wandel have stood by me. I have been close with these beautiful women for over forty years. Many women took LSD. Christine is the only one who told me what she experienced.

“I felt like God. My mind owned un-limited power. I was moving over the landscape healing everyone I encountered.”

To be continued…..

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015

Last night I went to bed believing I would be authoring ‘The Cosmic Carpet Riders’ this morning. Instead I have been launched into the world of German Mysticism, and Woman Artists and Fairytale Tellers. This of course is where I have longed to be, and have been heading all along.

An hour ago I discovered the most famous of Grimm’s Fairytales came from four sisters: Marie, Johana (Jeanette) Amalia, and Susette Hassenpflug. I have yet to discover the original French name and this families place of origin. That they adopted a German surname supports my theory the Stuttmeisters may have been Huguenots. We suspect the Rosamond/Rougemont family were of French origin, possibly the Alsace. That Grim named Sleeping Beauty, Rosamond, takes on a whole new meaning in that four beautiful sisters took over the life and destiny of these two brothers who put their name to work that was not their own. They kept the source a secret that this blog, Royal Rosamond Press, has brought into the light.

The truth did not surface till 1980 which is a fairytale itself. Consider the Rosamond imitator, Sara Moon, that turned out to be an old man from Iran. Consider Royal Rosamond being inspired to write by Fanny Cory, and my grandfather’s four beautiful daughters. These Huguenot sisters were the daughters of Mary Magdalene Hassenpflug. My mother, Rosemary Rosamond, is the daughter of Mary Magdalene Rosamond.

Anti-mimesis is a philosophical position that holds the direct opposite of Aristotelian mimesis. Its most notable proponent is Oscar Wilde, who opined in his 1889 essay The Decay of Lying that, “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”. In the essay, written as a Platonic dialogue, Wilde holds that anti-mimesis “results not merely from Life’s imitative instinct, but from the fact that the self-conscious aim of Life is to find expression, and that Art offers it certain beautiful forms through which it may realise that energy.”.[1][2]

What is found in life and nature is not what is really there, but is that which artists have taught people to find there, through art. As in an example posited by Wilde, although there has been fog in London for centuries, one notices the beauty and wonder of the fog because “poets and painters have taught the loveliness of such effects…They did not exist till Art had invented them.”.[1]

My Grail Quest began when I discovered the Pre-Raphaelite Artists in 1969. I was seeking a spiritual media for my art. Fanny Cornforth was Rossetti’s model for the Holy Grail, Fair Rosamund, and Lady Lilith. Here is Rosemary and her sister, Lilian, two daughters of Royal Rosamond, and Mary Magdalene Rosamond. I shared Rossetti’s Fair Ladies with my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, who took up the gauntlet and became one of the most prolific artists in history by rendering modern day Pre-Raphaelite Women. When you add this accomplishment to my Grail study – a family study – then you have a miracle! In our bloodline, it all came together.

Jon Rosamond Presco

Copyright 2012

“Godeschalck Roesmondt also appears in the so called ‘Spechtbook’ (named after administrator Nicolaus Specht) of the Duke of Brabant, administrating goods the sovereign duke gave in loan to his knights and noblemen.
These families (De Roover, Roesmondt, Van Broeckhoven, Van Vladeracken etc.) are like the Duke of Brabant probably descendants of the former Duke of Lotharingen and therefore (via the counts of Taxandria) of Charlemagne.
The mentioned Jan Willems van Dongen, is by inheritage a bannerlord of the House van Arkel, also descending from Charlemagne and at that time Lord of High and Low Zwaluwe, vicount of Schoonhoven etc. etc. This is the very elite of Brabant at that time and probably all (noble) family related.”

Rosenburg was hunted down by Edgar the Bug. He was able to stay hidden, but during lunch with a fellow Arquilian, he was found by the Bug. He then tells the Bug “you can kill us both but you will not find the Galaxy.” At this point, he was killed along with his fellow Arquillian and the Bug stole what was thought to be the Galaxy. At the morgue, the two Arquilians and Rosenburg’s cat, Orion are looked at by Jay and Kay with assumed identities and the morgue attendant Laurel.

I have been tracking this Hand Sign for twenty-five years. I freaked when Belle hid the truth she was arrested for championing the homeless and someone wrote on her hands in order to give her message. This has much to do with my conclusion Jesus and John were restoring the Jubilee. Belle looks like DaVinci’s Saint Anne.

I am going to go way out on a limb here, but, a week ago I began to wonder if Belle’s mother is not employing me to give lessons to her beautiful daughter, lessons Belle did not get, and needs. To consider this, is the basis of our greatest Fairy Tales that come from the Celts long ago. Catherine Vadertuin-Burch has a wondrous gift for her youngest daughter, who was fourteen when she died. Belle is stuck at fourteen. I asked her to be my Disciple when I saw was was unfolding.

In the Labyrinth that King Henry build for the Rose of the World, a small stream connected apartments that I suspect were placed in a circle. Messages were sent by putting them in this stream on a branch. I believe Henry knew the Ogham alphabet that is notched on sticks.

In the picture of Belle above, she is using her thumbs to enter my name in her phone. She asks about my name JON. JON is also HANS. To be approached by an old crone you sees you are lost, and your names is HANS, then you know Fairy tales can come true. Note ANNA in the name Johannes (John). This story if FOR BELLE and no one else. I believe the those lurking in the background have been cleared away. As Belle typed, I told her my blog is about Sleeping Beauty and the name Rosamond.

Jon the Nazarite

Copyright 2014

Descent of Ianna

“represents the dying of the green world during winter that is reborn each spring. In our version, he makes an alliance with ancient feminine spiritual power represented by the serpent he calls to for help just before the break in the ancient Summerian tablet passed down to us. He interweaves this serpent with his own authority (reflecting the Sumerian symbol of the caudus still used in medicine today)– and his full humanity, like Inanna’s own, is restored.

To this traditional narrative, I have added an Old Woman-storyteller. I envision her to be something like the priestesses who kept the rituals and myths of Inanna for generations. Like so many grandmothers, storytellers, and women healers I have been privileged to know, Old Woman embodies “all the courage love takes when it opens our eyes.”

In Ireland, Io was called Glas Gabhnach, ‘the green stripper’, because though she yielded milk in rivers she never had a calf.

Table of Contents

The Voices of the Angels of Darkness (The Messengers of Ereshkigal)
Old Woman Dreams of the Wind I
Inanna Burns Dumuzi through Four Lifetimes: The First Time
The Call of Ereshkigal
Inanna Burns Dumuzi through Four Lifetimes: The Second Time
Inanna’s Farewell
Dumuzi Speaks to the Silence Inanna Leaves Behind
The Old Woman at the Gate
The Descent of Inanna
Woman on the Cross (The Voice of Ereshkigal)
Ereshkigal’s Gift to the Singer
Inanna Burns Dumuzi through Four Lifetimes: The Third Time
Inanna Burns Dumuzi through Four Lifetimes: The Fourth Time (Homecoming)
Old Woman Dreams of the Wind II
Epilogue: Sisters
The Voices of the Angels of Darkness
(The Messengers of Ereshkigal)
Before you were born
Your name was a dream
In the heart of the world,
Saying return.
We remember this for you.
Before you were born
The clay whispered its urge
To make something
And you became skin:,5615848&hl=en,4444754

Eugene lost one of its most creative artists last week. Cancer stole Catherine Vandertuin from us when she was far too young. In her too-short time here, Vandertuin, the founder and artistic director of Eugene Chamber Theatre, applied enormous energy, creativity and collaboration to the innovative theater/music productions of Dust and Dreams, Antigone, The Descent of Innana and Ice Cure, the last adapted from an original manuscript. She also collaborated in various puppet and mask theater productions. Her vision was to create multi-disciplinary works that explored themes of balance and wholeness. Catherine brought Javanese gamelan music to Eugene in 1992 with the founding of Gamelan Nuju Laras, well known for accompanying labyrinth walks created by her partner, Jeff Burch

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