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Mimi Farina-Baez walked the earth as the embodiment of the Pre-Raphaelite Muse. She was a modern day Troubadour. I met her at the last Monterey Pop Festival, and fell in love. She owned the look I loved, that I found in other women, and loved these women. My ex-wife was Mimi’s friend, and did a life-size portrait or her. My late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, has the same Madonna look.  Arwen has this look. The Ring movies borrow from the world the Pre-Raphaelites rendered.  Tolkien was obsessed with Queen Rosamond and might have modeled Arwin after this Queen. I am going have Mimi be my model for my images of several historic Rosamonds. With the snipping tool I can capture certain angles.  The living muses I tried to get to be my model, could not grasp my ambition to make ROSAMOND a brand name. Here is a woman totally groking on the name Cordelia and Rosamond for the name of her baby when she is born.

Jon Presco







Cunimund had a daughter named Rosamund (or Rosemund). She was forced into marrying Alboin after the Gepids‘ defeat, but she arranged his assassination in 572 or 573.

In literature[edit]

Cunimund’s grim end and Rosamund are mentioned in J. R. R. Tolkien‘s story “The Lost Road”, when the character Alboin asks his father, Oswin Errol, about the origin of his name:

and Oswin told his son the tale of Alboin son of Audoin, the Lombard king; and of the great battle of the Lombards and the Gepids, remembered as terrible even in the grim sixth century; and of the kings Thurisind and Cunimund, and of Rosamunda. ‘Not a good story for near bed-time,’ he said, ending suddenly with Alboin’s drinking from the jewelled skull of Cunimund…

J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lost Road

In an early version of J. R. R. Tolkien‘s fantasy time-travel story The Lost Road, Tolkien considered placing one of his main characters in the person of Alboin.

In Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries, the country of Genovia’s first ruler was a princess named Rosamund, based on the princess Alboin raped. In the book, Mia writes that Rosamund’s father was killed by a warlord, who made his skull into a cup and forced her to drink from it. She strangled him in his sleep with her braids and was given the principality of Genovia in honor of her brave deed.

Author: Dracotorix   (Authenticated as Dracotorix)
Date: November 30, 2010 at 8:16:16 PM
Reply to: Cordelia talk + suggestions? by Kitty

I love Cordelia, but I think it is a little too long for a kid on it’s own. I like the nickname Cora, but if you prefer Coco or Delia or Lia or Cordie or something they could work too.
I like Cordelia Beatrice Rosamund.
Others could be Cordelia Helen Rosamund, Cordelia Joan Rosamund, Cordelia Undine Rosamund, Cordelia Anne Rosamund, Cordelia Alanis Rosamund, Cordelia Athenais Rosamund, Cordelia Juniper Rosamund, Cordelia Sage Rosamund, Cordelia Willow Rosamund, Cordelia Eve Rosamund, Cordelia Anthea Rosamund, Cordelia Gaia Rosamund, Cordelia Miranda Rosamund, Cordelia Mina Rosamund, Cordelia Wilhelmina Rosamund, Cordelia Isis Rosamund, Cordelia Isadora Rosamund, Cordelia Pelagia Rosamund, Cordelia Tamsin Rosamund, Cordelia Lilith Rosamund, Cordelia Terpsichore Rosamund, Cordelia Emerald Rosamund, Cordelia Avalon Rosamund, Cordelia Jane Rosamund, Cordelia Sahar Rosamund, Cordelia Arwen Rosamund, Cordelia Branwen Rosamund, Cordelia Isolde Rosamund, Cordelia Morwen Rosamund, Cordelia Lyra Rosamund, Cordelia Saffron Rosamund, Cordelia Fleur Rosamund, Cordelia Eleanor Rosamund, Cordelia Sylvie Rosamund, Cordelia Jade Rosamund, or Cordelia Peony Rosamund.
Sorry if some of those are incredibly long..

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