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There is a major complication with the rendering of my muse. When I let her into the Rose of the World Vortex…..there were stowaways hiding in the Rose Garden.

It is so hard to give someone something, because, they have already spent it, before they know the nature of the gift.

I was born with the Gift of Prophecy. For six years I have been promoting the Roza Mira born in Russia, while warning you the religious-right will destroy this world because there is a virus in their core information that I have been trying to eradicate. With the crisis in Ukraine, it may be too late.

Above is a photo of me in Rosamond’s studio with a force-field around me.

Jon Rosamond

It is no mistake that Keanu Reeves looks like Danill the author of the Roza Mira prophecy that is a Labyrinth and Matrix that came to a Russian prisoner who was all alone in isolation for many years. He tunneled his Way out, and found the way for the whole world to escape from the Prisoner Planet who will be sending athletes to the Summer Olympics in Russia. The Greenpeace ship was taken captive and its crew held prisoner, they just released due to the coming of the Ancient Game of Heroes.

Jon Presco

The Rose of the World will teach the absolute value of individuals and their divine birthrights: the right to be free from the yoke of poverty and the oppression of power-hungry groups, the right to well-being, the right to all forms of free creative work and the public unveiling of the fruits of that work, the right to religious searchings, and the right to beauty. The right of people to a secure existence and to the enjoyment of the benefits of civilization is an inborn right that in itself does not necessitate a renunciation of freedom or spirituality. It would be leading people astray to assert that we are faced with a crucial dilemma here, that in order to attain what are only the natural and self-evident blessings of life we must sacrifice our spiritual and social freedom.
The Rose of the World will also teach the obligations of individuals: to consistently expand the area encompassed by their love and to foster, multiply, and enlighten what is born of their work. Thus, creative work is both a right and an obligation. Even now I am unable to comprehend how it was that that truly divine gift to humans did not receive due notice in any of the older religions, except for certain forms of polytheism, especially that of ancient Greece. If I am not mistaken, it was only in ancient Greece that creativity itself (and not productivity, as in other forms of polytheism) was deified. Great masters of the arts were even pantheonized.

It is a sad and puzzling fact that after the decline of ancient Greece the creative gift ceased to attract the notice of religions and was no longer conceptualized in ontological, metaphysical, or mystical terms. Under the influence of the shallowly interpreted Semitic idea that after six days of creation the Divine Creative Spirit rested, theology has preferred to circumvent the question of God’s further creation. The words of God recorded in Revelations, “Behold, I will make all things new,” has remained the lone flight of inspiration, the lone intuition in that regard. As for human creativity, an altogether suspicious attitude was formed toward it, as if the sin of pride to which a human creator could fall victim was more dangerous and deadlier than creative sterility. Unfortunately, the view on human creativity that formed in the religions of Indian origin was no less injurious.

The last few centuries of Western culture—so rich in works of genius in all spheres of art, science, and philosophy—have taught us much. They have taught us to hold human creativity in reverence and human labor in respect. But the secular spirit of these centuries has fostered just what the older religions feared: creators have become afflicted by pride in their creative gift, as if that gift had been forged by them themselves. True, that conceit has nested not so much in the hearts of real geniuses, let alone artistic visionaries, as in the hearts of lesser scientific and artistic figures. A series of chapters in this book will be specially devoted to a closer examination of that problem from the point of view of the Rose of the World’s teachings.

In any case, creative work, like love, is not an exclusive gift bestowed on only a chosen few. A few now possess sanctity and moral vision, heroism and wisdom, genius and talent. But all that is merely activation of the potential dormant within every soul. A sea of love, an inexhaustible wellspring of creativity, bubbles behind the consciousness of each one of us. The sum religion will seek to remove that barrier and allow those healing waters to wash over our life. A creative attitude toward everything will appear among the generations raised under it, and even labor will cease to be a burden. Rather, it will become the outward expression of an unquenchable desire to create new things, better things, and to create of oneself. All the Rose of the World’s followers will enjoy creative work, teaching its joys to children and teenagers. They will be creative in everything they do: writing, architecture, science, gardening, the decoration and tempering of daily life, religious service and religious drama, the love between man and woman, childbearing, physical exercise and dance, the enlightenment of nature, and play. For all creative work, except the demonic, that is done in its own name and for its own sake is divine in nature. Through it, people elevate themselves and fill their own hearts and the hearts of those around them with God.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I was looking into Lara’s eyes and listening to Wagner’s Lohengrin, and, I was composing. I want Paris Jackson to be one of the Nine Judges, and, Belle Burch. Then I made all of these Judges, women. I wanted to see what our world Justice system would be like, if Hera was not usurped by God. Then is hit me…………Here are the Nine Muses!

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