Rose of World Matrix

I was looking into Lara’s eyes and listening to Wagner’s Lohengrin, and, I was composing. I want Paris Jackson to be one of the Nine Judges, and, Belle Burch. Then I made all of these Judges, women. I wanted to see what our world Justice system would be like, if Hera was not usurped by God. Then is hit me…………Here are the Nine Muses!

Rosamond Press




There is a major complication with the rendering of my muse. When I let her into the Rose of the World Vortex…..there were stowaways hiding in the Rose Garden.

It is so hard to give someone something, because, they have already spent it, before they know the nature of the gift.

I was born with the Gift of Prophecy. For six years I have been promoting the Roza Mira born in Russia, while warning you the religious-right will destroy this world because there is a virus in their core information that I have been trying to eradicate. With the crisis in Ukraine, it may be too late.

Above is a photo of me in Rosamond’s studio with a force-field around me.

Jon Rosamond

It is no mistake that Keanu Reeves looks like Danill the author of the Roza Mira prophecy that is a Labyrinth and Matrix that came to a…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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